2014 MOCS Full Rules

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By Wizards of the Coast

Update 05/28/2014: The 2014 Magic Online Championship Series has been temporarily postponed. Read more on this in Worth Wollpert's announcement.

Players who have earned 35 or more QPs in previous seasons will be invited to a series of MOCS Appreciation Events.

Players may still earn QPs toward MOCS season promo cards

February Season (Season 3) Finals that experienced issues on March 8 will be rescheduled—we will be announcing the date soon.

Preliminaries and Finals for Seasons 1, 2, and 4-12 will be rescheduled. We will announce the new schedule on MTGO.com, so stay tuned.

Do you have what it takes to beat some of the best gamers in Magic Online and be crowned the 2014 Magic Online Champion?

What Is the Magic Online Championship Series?
The Magic: The Gathering Online Championship Series, also known as MOCS, is a monthly series of events, broken into twelve seasons, in which players can earn promo cards. Top players can also earn an invitation to the annual in-person Magic Online Championship event, as well as a Pro Tour event.

Each MOCS season is either four or five weeks long. Throughout each season, players earn Qualifier Points (QPs) by playing in events that award QPs as part of their prize structure. At the end of each season, players may enter MOCS Preliminaries and Finals if they have earned enough QPs to qualify:

  • Players who earn 15 or more QPs qualify for the Season Preliminaries where they can play for a chance to earn enough QPs to enter the Finals.
  • Players who earn 35 or more QPs can bypass the Preliminaries and enter the Season Finals directly.
15 or more QPs earns that season's promo card.

Earn additional promos and premium promos by doing well in Preliminaries and Finals!

The winners of each Season Finals will earn an invitation to participate in the Magic Online Championship and the opportunity to compete at the Pro Tour corresponding to their season win.

The sixteen 2014 Magic Online Championship finalists will be comprised of:

  • The defending 2013 Magic Online champion
  • Twelve individual Magic Online Championship Series season winners
  • The MOCS Player-of-the-Year Championship winner
  • Two MOCS Last Chance Qualifier winners

Players can start earning 2014 Magic Online Championship Series (MOCS) Qualifier Points on November 27, 2013. December (Season 1) QPs will be returned to players on January 29 to facilitate entry into the December Make-up Preliminaries and Finals.

How to Earn MOCS Promo Cards

The Magic Online Championship Series (MOCS) is a fun, competitive way to play tournament-style Magic Online—it's also a great way to earn awesome promo cards!

You can earn special promo cards through the Magic Online Championship Series. Promo cards are updated monthly for each MOCS Season.

Current MOCS promo card:

To get a MOCS Season promo card, you must earn at least 15 Qualifier Points during a MOCS regular season. You can earn additional promo cards, as well as premium promo cards, by placing high in Preliminaries and Finals.

Remember that QPs do not transfer from one season to another.

Read the full rules below for more information about the Magic Online Championship Series, all the changes for 2014, and how to qualify for an invitation.


Magic Online Championship Series Eligibility

Magic Online Championship Series eligibility requirements:

  • All Magic Online players who meet the eligibility requirements set forth herein are eligible to compete in this online tournament series. All Magic Online players are eligible to compete in the 2014 Magic Online Championship Series except (a) players who are otherwise ineligible to engage in tournament play pursuant to the Magic Online User Agreement and (b) employees or contractors of Wizards of the Coast LLC (“Wizards”), Hasbro or each of their respective subsidiaries or affiliates or their advertising or promotion agencies, or those who are domiciled with any such person, or those who have been disqualified for other reasons (see below). This is a skill-based tournament based on a player's ability to defeat other players.
  • Players may be disqualified if they are suspended from Magic Online for any reason, including without limitation a violation of the Magic Online User Agreement.
  • Although players may have multiple accounts qualified for a Season Preliminary, a Season Finals, or the Player of the Year Championship, players are not permitted to have more than one of their accounts entered in any single event at one time. Players are not permitted to have any accounts entered in events played by other players for any reason. If a player is discovered to have more than one account playing in any Season Preliminary, Season Finals, Last Chance Qualifier, or Championship event before, during, or after the event, Wizards may take action against that player's account(s), up to and including disqualification with no refund of product and/or event tickets, suspension of the offending account(s), and/or termination of the offending account(s). Using an account other than your own, allowing any other player to use your account, selling your account, and other similar actions are all violations of the Magic Online User Agreement. If you play in Magic Online tournaments, win, and expect to get your prize, be very, very sure you are playing on your own account. We do not recognize excuses, such as "I and a friend jointly own the account," "It's my brother's account but he gave it to me," or similar. The only exception is an adult may authorize a single dependent child age 13-18 to play on an account that the adult has established.
  • Wizards of the Coast reserves the right to reschedule and/or restart tournaments, matches, and/or games as needed. Such decisions will be announced on the Magic Online website and/or within the Magic Online client as needed.
  • To be eligible to participate in the Magic Online Championship Series, the following requirements must be met:
    • All Magic Online players must be at least 13 or older. A championship player between the ages of 13 and 18 will be required to get a parent or guardian's signature on the required waiver and consent forms as explained below.
    • Players must have Internet access.
    • Players must have access to a personal computer.
    • Players must be Magic Online account holders in good standing and in compliance with the Magic Online User Agreement.

Magic Online Championship Series Structure