Posted in 文章 on 2013年 9月 19日

Theros Prerelease and Release Events Announced

Theros launches in Magic Online October 7, but the fun begins early with Prerelease events on Friday, October 4. Prerelease events give you a chance to start playing with the new card set before official release. Choose your Hero's Path and enter to get your new avatar and promo card specific to your chosen Path, and join in the launch celebration!

You can find all the details in the Theros Prerelease and Release Events announcement!

Banned and Restricted List Announcement

Temporal Fissure and Cloudpost have been banned in Magic Online Pauper format play, effective October 2, 2013. Read the DCI Banned & Restricted List Announcement for a complete explanation of the change.

Only Two Modern Masters Mondays Left!

We've passed the halfway point through September, and that means there are only two more chances to participate in Modern Masters Mondays, and have a shot at winning From the Vault: Twenty, 300 Phantom Points and 6 QPs!

On Monday, September 23 and 30, running every two hours, you can play Phantom Modern Master 64-Player Drafts.