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Posted in Magic Online New Players on 2014年 7月 9日

By Ryan Spain

Ryan Spain has been a digital designer in R&D since 2011. He is involved in all things Magic Online, from new card sets to the new client and everything in between. He likely has more lifetime hours played on Magic Online than anyone at Wizards.

There are many different ways to play Magic Online, but that can make for a Play Lobby with a lot of choices. Let’s take a look at how to use it. First, click on “Play Lobby” on the menu bar.

There are three sections in the Play Lobby: Filters on the left, Featured Tournaments in the upper right, and Results in the lower right.

Filters are the place to start. Use them to define and find the play experience you are looking for. The first choice is between Constructed Tournaments, Limited Tournaments, and Constructed Open Play. Let’s start with Limited; click “Limited Tournaments” if it is not already selected.

The next choice is between Queues, Scheduled, and Release Queues. Release Queues are only used when a new set has just come out. “Scheduled” is for playing in large Limited tournaments that start at a specific time. Most of the action in Limited Tournaments is in the “Queues” section, where eight-player drafts await.

With “Limited Tournaments” and “Queues” selected, you will see a list of the available formats under the Format filter. Checking the format or formats you are interested in will narrow the options in the “Results” section to queues that match your choices.

Double-click on a result in the “Awaiting Players” subsection of Results to open that event window and view your entry options in the “Entry Requirements” section. If you have the items needed for a requirement, the button is clickable. If not, the button is grayed out, but you can click “Purchase the requisite product” to add the needed items to your shopping cart.

Constructed works similarly, but with a deck-selection step. Whether you are playing in a tournament in “Constructed Tournaments” or playing a casual game in “Constructed Open Play,” you will need to choose a deck.

If you choose a deck before choosing a format, your format will auto-select to match the format of your chosen deck. You can also choose your format first, and your decks will narrow down to display only decks in that format. Choosing your format first can be useful for players with lots of decks, as it will hide the decks that don’t match the format, making it easier to find the deck you are looking for.

Constructed Open Play is similar to Constructed Tournaments, except you self-select which room you want to play in. “Just For Fun” is the most popular, and is generally for players looking to duel with decks below tournament-level power in their given format. “Tournament Practice” is the place to bring your competitive decks to play against other players battling with tournament-level decks. “Just Starting Out” is a place for players new to Magic Online, and “Getting Serious” is a room mostly used by players for player-run events.

The client will remember your last play choice and keep the options for it selected, even after logging off. If you want a different play experience, just click “Restore Defaults” in the Filters section to clear all of your selections.

In addition to keeping your last filter set intact, the client also remembers the last few play choices you have made in the “Recent Play Choices” drop-down menu. Selecting one of your recent play choices from this menu will automatically set all of the filters to reflect that play choice.

Ultimately, the Play Lobby is about using the Filter section to narrow down the Results section to find the play experience you are looking for.

Good luck and have fun!

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