Posted in Articles on 18 Septembre 2013

This ancient vampire Planeswalker is not welcomed by his kin. Vampires revile him as a traitor, while (unknown to Innistrad’s humans), he’s a savior.

Hailing from the Markov vampires—some of the most powerful on Innistrad—Sorin was raised in a “life” of utmost privilege. Over the centuries, he witnessed the growing strength of his kin, as they fed to such extremes that the continued existence of humans was in danger. Sorin, already a powerful Planeswalker by then, recognized this threat to humans and vampires alike and took it upon himself to prevent the extinction of both races.

Disappearing for months or even years at a time, Sorin was presumed a eccentric, antisocial hermit prince. Unknown to his kin, Sorin was traveling the Multiverse, searching for a solution to the grave situation at home. After years of research, he returned with a revolutionary plan … one that would make him a pariah to the very vampires he would save.

Sorin established a religion with the power to help humans hold their own against the forces of darkness. In actuality, Sorin’s faith was a series of enchantments and spells designed to protect the humans of the plane.

His work was successful. It gave the humans the edge they needed to come back and repopulate. Over centuries, the religion developed and flourished, becoming more layered and complex than Sorin originally anticipated.

Knowing he wouldn’t stay on Innistrad to permanently maintain the enchantments himself, he set up a way to “refresh” the magic in his absence. He devised a system of wards and spells that, when cast repeatedly, added strength to the overall protective magic of the faith. In order to encourage the humans and keep the enchantments strong, he made the angel, Avacyn, to be the focal point of worship.

But for many years, Avacyn vanished, leaving Innistrad’s humans questioning and defenseless. Until now … Avacyn has returned, backed by a flight of angels. Will Sorin’s plans to save Innistrad prove successful after all?