City in a Bottle

Posted in 기사 on 2014년 6월 16일

By Wizards of the Coast

Starting with Vintage Masters, City in a Bottle joins Magic Online. When it was originally printed, it specifically only recognized cards printed in Arabian Nights. It now reads like this:

The new rules only care about cards originally printed in Arabian Nights, and it no longer cares about what the actual expansion symbol on the card is. The following lists were compiled to show which cards are affected by City in a Bottle.

Arabian Nights cards in Vintage Masters
Bazaar of Baghdad
City in a Bottle
Desert Twister
Erhnam Djinn
Library of Alexandria
Serendib Efreet

Arabian Nights cards online (including Vintage Masters)
Aladdin's Ring
Ali from Cairo
Bazaar of Baghdad
Bird Maiden
Bottle of Suleiman Brass Man City in a Bottle City of Brass Cuombajj Witches Cyclone Dancing Scimitar Dandân Desert Desert Twister Diamond Valley Drop of Honey Ebony Horse Elephant Graveyard Erg Raiders Erhnam Djinn Eye for an Eye Fishliver Oil Flying Carpet Flying Men Ghazbán Ogre Giant Tortoise Guardian Beast Hasran Ogress Ifh-Bíff Efreet Island of Wak-Wak Jandor's Saddlebags Junún Efreet Juzám Djinn Khabál Ghoul Kird Ape Library of Alexandria Mijae Djinn Moorish Cavalry Oasis Old Man of the Sea Oubliette Ring of Ma'rûf Rukh Egg Sandstorm Serendib Djinn Serendib Efreet Sindbad Singing Tree Unstable Mutation Wyluli Wolf Ydwen Efreet

Arabian Nights cards not online
Abu Ja'far Aladdin's Lamp Ali Baba Army of Allah Camel Desert Nomads El-Hajjâj Hurr Jackal Island Fish Jasconius Jandor's Ring Jeweled Bird Jihad King Suleiman Magnetic Mountain Merchant Ship Metamorphosis Nafs Asp Piety Pyramids Repentant Blacksmith Sandals of Abdallah Shahrazad Sorceress Queen Stone-Throwing Devils War Elephant