Vintage Super League Episode 2 Recap

Posted in Magic Online on 2015년 7월 21일

By Randy Buehler

Vintage Super League features a collection of Magic celebrities playing the most powerful format the game has ever known. Every set ever printed is legal in Vintage, and all the "mistakes" R&D has ever made are still allowed to run wild. The format has received renewed attention and interest, ever since Vintage Masters was released and it became possible to play the best decks on Magic Online.

Week 2 featured four elimination matches, as we boil things down to tonight's season finale. Chris Pikula joined Eric Froehlich in the winner's bracket final, and clinched a spot in the Super League Championship this fall with his win over Tom Martell. Tom plays Randy Buehler tonight for the third invitation to the Championship (while the loser will be invited to the last chance qualifier).

The match between Randy and Tom is actually a rematch of the closest match we've seen all season. In Week 1, Randy went to his final draw step of Game 3 with 36 "outs" in his 41-card library. With four mana in play and a Force of Will in hand, all he needed was either a mana source or a blue card in order to counter Tom's game-winning Doomsday. Unfortunately for him, he drew a Lightning Bolt and Tom won the match on his next turn.

Our other known matchup tonight is another rematch of sorts, in that Eric Froehlich chose his deck because he expected a significant number of Mishra's Workshop decks to show up. He's already been paired against two of them, and now he faces his third Workshop deck in a row (or three total matches played), this time in the hands of Chris Pikula. Is White-Blue Land still the answer to Workshops that Vintage has been looking for? Tune in tonight and see if Eric keeps winning.

More importantly, there's a foil set of Power going to tonight's overall winner. As usual for a double-elimination tournament, we keep playing until everyone has two losses—and that means that whoever emerges from the loser's bracket will have to win two matches in a row versus the winner of the winner's bracket if they want to claim the overall title.

In addition to wrapping up VSL Season 3 tonight, we will also be announcing the full roster and division into groups for the upcoming Standard Super League Season 2.

You can see Week 3 live on tonight at 6:00 p.m. PT (UTC-7). If you missed them earlier, decklists can be seen here. You can also catch up on previous weeks over on YouTube.

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