Vintage Super League Episode 7

Posted in Magic Online on 2015년 3월 17일

By Randy Buehler

Every three weeks Vintage Super League members all get the chance to switch decks and the resulting show feels a little bit like Christmas morning as we all get to see what new toys we’ll be playing with and against for the next “trimester.” This week is one of those weeks, and a quite impactful one as the decks chosen now will be the ones that determine everyone’s final regular season finish.

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The standings this week divide up into the “haves” and the “have-nots:” half the league is either in or within a game of a Top 4 playoff position while the other half of the league is all within a game of the dreaded last place (and the attached relegation out of season 3). If there are any ties then they will be broken by playoff games, and as of right now there are plenty of crazy mass-tie scenarios up to and including the possibility of an 8-way tie for 3rd through 10th.

When it comes to actually clinching things, Eric Froehlich has already guaranteed himself a place in the post-season as the worst possible finish for him now is a tie for 4th. Luis can accomplish the same feat with a win this week, or with a loss by Rich Shay. In fact, if Rich loses his match then it’s even possible for Randy and Chris to clinch post-season berths by winning their own games.

Our feature match this week is that swing match between Rich Shay and Stephen Menendian. Not only does it have major implications on the standings as Steve tries to put together a late run and Rich tries to maintain control of his own destiny, but it’s also a rematch of the 2007 Vintage World Championship match (when Steve beat Rich for the title and the glory).

Meanwhile, don’t sleep on the last match of the night either. Eric and Luis look like they’re going to make the playoffs in back to back seasons, but given the “king of the hill” playoff format being used by VSL, each of them would really like to earn the #1-seed and therefore a bye into the finals. (The playoff format sees #3 play #4, with the winning then playing against the 2nd place finisher from the regular season, and the winner of that then plays the 1-seed in the finals.)

This should be a fun week! Watch the Vintage Super League Tuesday nights at 6:00 p.m. Pacific (UTC-8) on!

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