Mike Long

Posted in 기사 on 2013년 9월 19일

A lot of people asked me not to vote for Mike Long. I understand why they did.

I overheard the argument, "Pete Rose and Joe Jackson aren't in the Baseball Hall of Fame, why should Mike be?" My answer? Mike doesn't play baseball. This isn't the Baseball Hall of Fame. The Baseball Hall of Fame is by no means perfect (I could rant about this for days), and should *not* serve as a model for how a Hall of Fame should work. Pete Rose and Joe Jackson, in my opinion, *should* be in the Hall of Fame.

Regardless, Mike is much more like Ty Cobb than Pete Rose. Ty, like Mike, was banned from his game for a short while before the commissioner concluded there wasn't enough evidence to keep him out of baseball. I could have cut Mike and the rest of the "known cheaters" from the list. I thought about it. I decided to vote for the people who were most deserving based on the criteria above, instead. If it makes you feel better, Mike didn't get any points for Integrity.

Being a great player should still count for something... significant.