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Bloomburrow | Episode 1: Calamity Comes to Valley

It's another peaceful day in the land of Valley—until Pondside receives a dark and unexpected visitation.

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Bloomburrow | Episode 2: An Expected Party

While Helga tries to warn everyone of the coming danger, Goodhill throws Mabel a birthday party.

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Bloomburrow | Episode 3: The Lost and the Found

Mabel and her friends investigate the ruins of Pondside, and find a new ally—along with a few new enemies.

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Bloomburrow | Episode 4: Soothsaying and Stormcalling

Mabel's band of heroes learns the cause of Maha's rampage, and Ral learns he isn't the only visitor lingering in Bloomburrow.

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Bloomburrow | Episode 5: Nightfall in Fountainport

As heroes, villains, and monsters make for Fountainport, Helga returns to her old master.

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