____ + ____ = Unstable Expendable Test Subjects Will Be Required… Available December 8, 2017 | 216 or so silver-bordered Magic cards | #MTGUn3

So You Want to Assemble a Contraption?

Contraptions, Sprockets, CRANK! Counters?!? Only in Unstable can such genius exist! How and when your Contraptions are assembled may yield wildly varying results from game to game. Time to experiment!


Thanks to the questionable science going on at Crossbreed Labs, you can experiment with Host and Augment. Take an Ordinary Pony and turn into a Half-Squirrel, Half-Pony!


Tck! Tck! Tck! Squirrels are back!






19 Days

Upcoming Event

Draft Weekend

12月 09 - 11 2017

Come draft Unstable and receive a Earl of Squirrel promo card!

Draft Weekend

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