Meet The Digital Event Coordinators

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Von David Whitfield

David works on the Magic community team as a content specialist. He spends his days writing about Magic Online and trying to play too many colors at once in Limited.

The Digital Event Coordinators (DEC) are a new layer of event managers keeping an eye on top-tier Magic Online tournaments. With extensive experience running events at all levels of Organized Play, from Friday Night Magic to the Pro Tour, the DEC team will be there to support your Magic Online top-tier tournament experience!

Meet your DEC Team:

  • DEC_Squid served the Seattle Magic community for over 10 years, primarily as a Regional-level official at Grand Prix, Pro Tours and World Championships across the globe.
  • DEC_Dragon is a cosplaying commander aficionado and was a Magic buyer and writer for over 5 years, never straying too far from his native Steam Vents.

What do Digital Event Coordinators do? Their number one goal is to help top-tier tournaments finish properly while keeping everyone informed on what’s happening in their event. DECs monitor events in real time and ensure your tournament progresses through rounds smoothly.

When or how will I see a DEC in action?

DEC will be supporting MOCS and PTQ Finals Events!

If you are in a MOCS or PTQ finals, the best way to communicate with the DEC running the event is in the channel appropriate to that event.

The steps to get to the right place:

  1. Open Chat
  2. Click the + to start or join a chat
  3. Type #PTQ or #MOCS (dependent on the event you are in)
  4. Click "Create New"

  • If you experience a technical issue affecting your ability to play in a MOCS Finals or PTQ Finals event, contact a DEC as soon as possible.
  • Technical issues that arise in top-tier events are addressed by our Guidelines for PTQ Finals and MOCS Finals.

Magic Online is making strides to improve customer service in our top-tier tournaments. The DEC team shares your passion for playing Magic – adding the DECs is another step we are taking at Wizards to ensure you're having a great play experience.

You’re in good hands with our Digital Event Coordinators!

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