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Preorder March of the Machine Today

Legendary cards from across your favorite planes have been reprinted together to fight the Phyrexian scourge. Band together for the final fight with *March of the Machine*, available April 21!

March of the Machine – Debut Aftershow

Matt Tabak and Mark Rosewater join Blake for this WeeklyMTG Debut Aftershow to break down the latest March of the Mahine info and preview so many cards !

Zeitliche Reinigung

View more cards in the Card Image Gallery now and get ready for March of the Machine Prerelease events April 14–20. Find one near you!

The Week That Was: The Plains Are Alright

Midrange and powerhouse cards may catch everyone's attention, but that's exactly why going under everything with aggro can pay off big.

Where and How to Play March of the Machine

March into March of the Machine with all the ways you can experience the new set at your local game store, MagicCon: Minneapolis, and beyond!
Making Magic

March of the Machine Learning, Part 1

Mark Rosewater

Marsch der Maschine Kartengalerie

Wizards of the Coast

Marsch der Maschine Varianten-Kartengalerie

Wizards of the Coast

Metagame Mentor: Standard at the Regional Championships in Mexico, China, and Canada

More Regional Championships, more Phyrexia: All Will Be One Standard developments. Frank's got all the latest decks and details.

MagicCon: Minneapolis Tickets Available Now!

Join us for MagicCon: Minneapolis, May 5–7 for the Command Zone, panels, cosplay, and more Magic celebration!

Marsch der Maschine Commander-Kartengalerie

Wizards of the Coast

Marsch der Maschine Planechase-Kartengalerie

Wizards of the Coast
Die Geschichte von Magic

March of the Machine | Episode 10: The Rhythms of Life

K. Arsenault Rivera

CommandFest Returns with March of the Machine

Grab your favorite Commander decks and get ready for the March of the Machine Prerelease at CommandFest events, April 14–16!

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