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Willkommen zu Battlebond, wo Herausforderer in Teams aus jeweils zwei Spielern gegeneinander antreten. Schließe dich mit einem befreundeten Spieler zusammen und kämpft Seite an Seite oder Hand in Hand um Ruhm und Anerkennung! Schmiede mit deinem Kampfgefährten eine unzertrennliche Bande und steigt zusammen in die Ruhmeshalle wahrer Helden auf!

The Power of Imagination

Like most kids, Pir was raised to believe in his dreams. Unlike most kids, his dreams involve a giant nightmare monster. And it's friendly. And alive.

A Boy's Best Friend

There truly is nothing so innocent and heartwarming as a child's imaginatio—OH DEAR GOD WHAT IS THAT?!

Play to Your Strengths

Sometimes, teamwork is about sneaking in to deliver a deadly blow while your friend distracts all the enemies.

Protect Your Friends

Sometimes, teamwork is about charging screaming into battle, so all the enemies focus on you while your friend stabs them in the back.

Anyone Can Be a Champion

In Valor's Reach, victory is more important than little things like "good" and "evil." The greatest champions aren't afraid to use every weapon at their disposal.

A Different Kind of Angel

Not all angels are devoted to selfless acts of mercy. Sometimes they're all about the glory of victory, and they'll team up with whoever's likeliest to get them there.