The Decks of US Nationals 2002

Veröffentlicht in Event Coverage on 31. Mai 2002

Von Becky Hiebert and Josh Bennett

Through several triumphs of science and uncountable man-hours of old-fashioned hard work, we at have brought you an overview of the constructed decks being played today. Unsurprisingly, the Word of Kai is being heeded. Psychatog decks are out in force. Many players expected this, and are trying different strategies to overthrow them. Unfortunately, it might just be "The Best Deck" Here's the rundown.

Psychatog: 66

It's hard to doubt the greatest player ever to grace the game. He dispelled rumors about this decks demise with nothing more than a succinct message-board post and a quick "How To" guide. The result is nearly a third of those fighting today are running this deck, and almost all are card-for-card his version. Kai said that Standstill was terrible, and it's all but gone. Kai said Recoil solved the deck's biggest problems, and the people listened. Kai won German Nationals with Psychatog. Will someone follow his lead to the winner's circle this weekend?

Squirrel Opposition: 36

Mike Turian's deck from Grand Prix - Milwaukee is out in droves ever since Pat Chapin wound up in second place with it. Dedicated Opposition, with eight mana creatues, Mongrels, Looters, countermagic and card drawing. A red splash spices things up with Fire/Ice and Flametongue Kavu.

Blue Green Madness: 20

Mostly these are the English blue-green decks, that play shockingly close to Ken Ho's winning Pro Tour Osaka deck. Apocalypse gives the much-needed Yavimaya Coast, and such favorites as Merfolk Looter and Counterspell come to play as well. The combination of lightning fast beats and cheap countermagic is often deadly.

Blurred Mongoose
Green Red Beats: 18

If there's one deck you can count on to show up, it's red-green. Heavily metagamed to fight Psychatog, these versions run Blurred Mongoose, as well as the hateful Yavimaya Barbarian. Goes from twenty to zero in six turns.

Trenches: 12

Eric Taylor's Grand Prix - Milwaukee deck was going to be the format-defining deck until Kai stepped in and made it plain that Psychatog was the real troublemaker. Players of this deck are either way behind the learning curve or outrageously ahead of the game.

Braids: 7

Largely considered dead, Braids decks' ability to auto-win continues to tempt players. Popular this weekend are the green splash, and the white splash, but a four-colour special is also in attendance.

Green-Blue Threshold: 7

Nimble Mongoose and Werebear are the superstars of this deck providing huge bodies early on. Graveyard fillers like Opt are played, along with the usual card drawing and countermagic. The potent green-blue line is ignored to make room for all these goodies. Mystic Snake makes a surprise appearance.

Mono Black Control: 7

These decks have their roots in Osaka, much like the blue-green madness decks. Only now they have Phyrexian Arena, Duress, Addle, Corrupt and Soul Burn. Drastically different, but similar in execution. Destroy the hand, wreck the board, and win at your leisure.

Blue Green Upheaval: 5

An aggro blue-green base ramps up to Upheaval, allowing quick or leisurely wins.

Black Green Infestation: 4

Fast beats with Mongrel and Infestation to help out Arrogant Wurm and Roar. Spiritmonger bats cleanup.

Merfolk Looter
Kibler's RUG: 4

The red-blue-green madness deck that made a splash at regionals. Merfolk Looter is particularly ridiculous.

Black Green Blue: 4

Mid-range controlling "goodstuff" sort of decks. Sol Malka's "Million Dollar Man" is exactly one such.

Blue White Millstone: 3

100% Old School. Serra Angel? Millstone? Check your calendar!

Four Color Jumble: 2

Damage be damned, just stuff the best cards together and hope everything works out.

Black Red Green Beatdown: 2

More fat means more beats. Spiritmonger, Pernicious Deed and sometimes Terminate are the reasons to touch black mana.

Green Red White: 1

The usual red-green beats, with a more complicated mana-base for versatility pre- and post-board

Red, White, and Blue: 1

Remember, way back in Invasion Block Constructed, the Star-Spangled Slaughter?

Desolation Angel
Black White Control: 1

À la Gary Krakower's Grand Prix - Milwaukee deck

Alan Comer Deck Doctor Desolation Angel deck: Just Alan Comer

The Deck Doctor put his money where his mouth is, playing an eight-Diamond, blue-black-white Desolation Angel Deck

Brian Davis Red-Black Control: Just Brian Davis

This all-sorcery special takes profound liberties with Recoup, allowing Duress to decimate an unprepared opponent. Overmaster pushes key spells through, and Magnivore comes out of the board with haste and double-digit power. Other than that, plays like a standard black control deck.

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