Veröffentlicht in Artikel on 18. September 2013

Jace wields blue mental magic: spells of illusion, deception, and mind reading. With nearly unlimited access to knowledge comes the temptation of power …

Curiosity has always gotten the better of Jace Beleren. As a magical prodigy, he delved into lessons of sorcery deeper than his fellow students, succeeding to the point that even his instructors were suspicious.

As a specialist in mind magic, he can gaze into the minds of others, discovering even closely guarded secrets. This has led him down dangerous paths more than once, and as a Planeswalker, there’s a whole multiverse of secrets to discover.

His skills in illusion, mind reading, and even memory modification have flourished during his travels, giving him ever broader access to the hidden knowledge he craves.

On a return trip to Ravnica, Jace honed his abilities as a mind mage while working for the interplanar organization Infinite Consortium. With Ravnica’s ten guilds back in power, guild intrigue has reached new heights. Jace suspects a deep conspiracy involving the dragon Niv-Mizzet—a plot with secrets so dangerous that Jace's mind magic might get him into more trouble than even he can handle.