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Magic Story

  • Episode 01: Homesick

    Episode 01: Homesick

    It's nearly unprecedented. Five Planeswalkers came together not to duel one other, but to work together. Gideon, Jace, Liliana, Chandra, and Nissa defeated the Eldrazi titans threatening Zendikar and Innistrad, but can they cooperate off the battlefield?

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  • Episode 02: A Time for Innovation

    Episode 02: A Time for Innovation

    All of Kaladesh is abuzz with news of the Inventors' Fair. This is the chance for the most talented inventors to win acclaim. It's Rashmi's chance to catapult her invention to the forefront of the aetherology scene, and make her dream a reality.

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  • Episode 03: Torch of Defiance

    Episode 03: Torch of Defiance

    The Gatewatch has decided not to intervene in a local matter on Kaladesh, but Chandra Nalaar disagrees-it's her home plane. She hasn't been back to Kaladesh since her parents died, but now she returns to warn the renegade inventor she was asked to thwart.

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  • Episode 04: Renegade Prime

    Episode 04: Renegade Prime

    Chandra's attempt to save a renegade inventor from arrest brings her to someone she'd thought dead for years—her mother, Pia. But their reunion is set against the arrival of old adversaries and a dangerous new foe from across the Multiverse.

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  • Episode 05: Born of Aether

    Episode 05: Born of Aether

    As the Inventors' Fair reaches full swing, the aetherborn socialite Yahenni throws a lavish party to celebrate. Chandra and Nissa join the guest list as they search for leads on Pia Nalaar.

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  • Episode 06: Bottled Up

    Episode 06: Bottled Up

    In a desperate search for Pia Nalaar, Mrs. Pashiri leads Chandra and Nissa into the tunnels of the Dhund, where they come face to face with the terrors of Chandra’s past.

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  • Episode 07: Release

    Episode 07: Release

    Pia Nalaar, Chandra's mother and leader of the Kaladesh renegades, has been arrested by the Consulate. Chandra, Nissa, and Mrs. Pashiri sought to free her, but were caught in a trap. With Liliana off pursuing her own agenda, who can be relied on?

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  • Episode 08: In This Very Arena

    Episode 08: In This Very Arena

    Tezzeret faces Pia Nalaar in an inventor's duel, battling in the same arena where Chandra was once about to be executed. Planeswalkers must intervene.

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  • Episode 09: A Grateful Consulate

    Episode 09: A Grateful Consulate

    With all of Ghirapur's attention focused on the Grand Exhibition, the Consulate brings the Inventors' Fair to an unexpected close. Senior Inspector Dovin Baan moves through the resulting chaos to find Tezzeret and take on a new role in a changing Consulate government.

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