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Alchemy Format

What is MTG Arena Alchemy?

Alchemy is our MTG Arena format based on the Standard format that incorporates new-to-digital Magic cards alongside rebalanced Standard cards to create a fast, ever-evolving experience for our players.

– Introducing Alchemy Play the ever-evolving format featuring new favorites, including digital-only and rebalanced cards— for an endlessly exciting gameplay experience.

– New-to-Digital Cards Alchemy features mechanics designed specifically for digital play, and players can expect more new cards alongside every Standard set release.

– Rebalanced Magic Cards Alchemy features rebalanced versions of existing Standard cards to shake up the meta for digital play. Players can expect these regular changes to the format to create a dynamic play experience between Standard set releases.

These cards feature mechanics designed for play only in Alchemy and Historic formats.

Alchemy: Thunder Junction

Plan your heist with 30 new, digital-only cards and outplay the outlaws on MTG Arena.

Alchemy: Karlov Manor

Incorporate these new, digital-only cards into your drafts and constructed play on MTG Arena.

Alchemy: Ixalan

Continue exploring Ixalan with new, digital-only cards that include the added mechanic Chorus.

The Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-earth™

Put Middle-earth in your collection and join familiar favorites on a whole new adventure there and back again with valor, courage, and second breakfast. With the Ring-bearer mechanic, the fate of all rests in the bonds of your Fellowship. Join the epic journey of our time!

© 2023 Middle-earth Enterprises. The Lord of the Rings and Tales of Middle-earth are trademarks of Middle-earth Enterprises, LLC used under license by Wizards of the Coast LLC.

Alchemy Schedule

Ready to play? Test yourself and learn more about alchemy, standard, historic and all other MTG Arena events. Check out the upcoming schedule and details around our featured events.

Frequently Asked Questions

Like Historic, Alchemy will be a new digital-only format playable on MTG Arena. You will be able to play Alchemy in Best-of-One and Best-of-Three matches, both ranked and unranked.

Alchemy will also feature in upcoming special events, such as Midweek Magic, Festivals, etc.

Players will be able to purchase Alchemy boosters either individually for 1,000 gold or fifteen for 3,000 gems—the same price as Standard set boosters.

A special Alchemy bundle containing 20 Alchemy boosters will be available for 3,000 gems or 15,000 gold—limit one purchase per player.

Players can purchase Alchemy boosters from the store or craft Alchemy cards using wildcards of the appropriate rarity to receive the new-to-digital Magic cards. Players can collect rebalanced Alchemy cards in both Alchemy and the adjacent Standard set boosters:

  • Alchemy boosters will contain the new-to-digital Magic cards, rebalanced cards, and cards from the adjacent Standard set (i.e., Innistrad: Crimson Vow).
  • When you receive a rebalanced card from an Alchemy booster, you will also receive the Standard version of the card.
  • The same is true when opening a Standard booster that contains a card that has been rebalanced for Alchemy—you will receive both versions of the card.

Alchemy versions of rebalanced Standard cards will contain the MTG Arena "A" in-line with the card name. They will also have the MTG Arena "A" as a "foil stamp" at the bottom of the card.

Wizard Class

Players who have already collected cards that will have an Alchemy version should automatically see both in their collection when Alchemy releases; you will not need to "re-collect" these cards. This will also apply to future Alchemy balance changes.

Alchemy boosters will use a modified version of duplicate protection.

  • When opening an Alchemy booster, it will prioritize the new-to-digital *Magic *cards created for the current Alchemy set.
  • If you've collected playsets of all the new Alchemy cards from the current set, you will instead receive cards of the same rarity from the adjacent Standard set (i.e., Innistrad: Crimson Vow).
  • If you are "set complete" for both Alchemy and the adjacent Standard set, normal duplicate protection rules apply.

As a reminder, when you craft or open a booster containing a card rebalanced for Alchemy, you will receive both the Standard and the Alchemy version of the set; you will not need to collect them separately.

We currently plan to release new Alchemy sets in the weeks following the adjacent Standard release. For example, players should expect the Alchemy set for Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty to become available sometime in March.

We intend to rebalance cards on a more frequent basis to keep the format fun, fast, and dynamic.

Check out our updated banned and restricted list for the latest news on your favorite formats.

We'd be happy to answer them! You can reach out to us at @MTG_Arena using the hashtag #MTGAlchemy, and we'll include any additional questions and answers in next week's blog.

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