Though they are in many ways wildly different, all Planeswalkers are united by a common trait: their hunger to explore and control the vast wonders of the Multiverse. And what unites the planes of the Multiverse? Mana, the energy that infuses these worlds and fuels their magic.

Only Planeswalkers can call upon and wield this energy. While average beings are unaware of worlds beyond their own, Planeswalkers know the greater truth: each plane is but one of many, with unique mana that could be theirs to control.

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A Planeswalker is a powerful mage, able to traverse the planes of existence. Only one in a million is born with this potential spark, and of those, even fewer ignite it.

Often, this happens as a result of a great crisis or trauma. A near-death experience could ignite the spark, as could a life-changing epiphany or even a revelatory meditative trance.

But once they’ve ignited their sparks, Planeswalkers gain the rare ability to survive the uncontained energy between the planes and thus have the power to travel from plane to plane. This ability, in turn, gives them access to many different lands, creatures, and spells—more than most archmages bound to one plane could ever dream of.

The life of a Planeswalker is a life of choice and self-determination unrestricted by the boundaries of world or fate. Most Planeswalkers dedicate themselves to some personal mission as they explore the secrets of the Multiverse. Often, they discover the depths of their own souls in the process.

With this freedom and power, the Planeswalkers hold history—and the future—in the palms of their hands.



The Multiverse is a boundless expanse of worlds, each different from the last. These worlds, called planes, differ as wildly as imagination allows.

One plane might be covered entirely in dense jungle, while on another, nature may have been entirely replaced by a vast network of cityscapes. Still others are volcanic, icy, barren, or completely fabricated from metal.

Neither are they united by common laws of physics: They vary from infinite expanses of matter to tiny specks of empty space to logic-defying inversions of reality.

It is the Planeswalker’s journey to discover what worlds and powers are theirs to contend with.


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