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March of the Machine

The Multiverse has all but fallen to compleation. The final and only option is one all-or-nothing attack. March of the Machine brings the whole Multiverse to the last stand in this epic team-up against the ultimate evil.

March of the Machine | Episode 1: Triumph of the Fleshless

Elesh Norn dispatches her evangels to every corner of the Multiverse to spread her gospel.

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March of the Machine | Episode 2: Holding Your Breath

The Planeswalkers hear of the strike team's fate. Contingency plans are put into motion.

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March of the Machine | Episode 3: Mother, Son, and Story

Tamiyo returns to Kamigawa. Kaya and Kaito join forces to defend it.

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March of the Machine | Episode 4: Beneath Eyes Unblinking

From Kaldheim to Kaladesh to New Capenna—the planes of the Multiverse fight back.

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March of the Machine | Arcavios: A Radiant Heart

As Phyrexian invaders swarm through the Biblioplex, the fate of the Multiverse's finest university may rest in the hands of a few brave students.

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March of the Machine | Ikoria: Survival of the Fittest

Drannith has fallen. A battered Jirina Kudro leads the survivors along Jal Korcha, the terror road, while Vivien hunts a terrible foe. Only the strong will survive the day.

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Release Date: April 21, 2023

March of The Machine

You read the story, now join the fight! Legendary cards from across your favorite planes have been reprinted together to fight the Phyrexian scourge. Band together for the final fight!

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March of the Machine
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