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Store Championship

Store Championship

Murders at Karlov Manor

Mar 2 - 10

Grab your deck and get ready for the Store Championship, taking place at a WPN game store near you.

Prizes For Everyone

For the March 2-10 Store Championship, while supplies last, everyone who participates takes home Mortify. The top 8 players are awarded Angel of Despair. And the winner? They take home a foil textless version of Dauthi Voidwalker.

Even better, WPN Premium stores will have their store name printed on the Top 8 and winner promo cards, making your victory there clear.

Starting with the Lost Caverns of Ixalan Store Championship, all rounds of this event feature Standard Constructed. Assemble a Standard-legal Constructed deck and get ready to battle!

Your store's schedule is a click away, register early!

Don’t miss your chance to be the first to play the latest Magic Set.

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