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Create your own powerful character from the ground up with the return of Commander Draft.

Our Games

MTG Arena
Bring the strategy. Bring the action. MTG Arena brings the legendary strategy card game to PC, Mac, Android, and iOS.
Magic is about community. Gather and play your way whether at your local game store, at home with friends, or online with SpellTable.
MAGIC Online
Experience the original digital platform for fans of Legacy, Modern, and other classic Magic formats. Available on PC!
Follow the Magic Pro League, compete in digital and tabletop tournaments!

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A Set You Can't Refuse
On the Streets of New Capenna, morals are optional for the glamorous and elite. Here the halo flow freely in speakeasies, and murder for hire is just another Tuesday. Pledge to a family and play now on MTG Arena. Grab three packs using the code PLAYSNC
Challenger Decks 2022
Play straight out of the box! These ready-to-battle sets are perfect for players of all levels. Take them to events at your local game store, or play with friends at home!
Pride Across The Multiverse
It takes a multiverse! At Wizards, we prioritize inclusivity and diversity in our games and our teams and believe that supporting all people and promoting inclusion across Wizards and society will make the world – and our industry – a better place for all.
The Pro Tour Is Back!
We, like you, eagerly awaited the time when tabletop play could return. That time is nearly here. It’s time to return to the Pro Tour.

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