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Magic: The Gathering Arena


One. Last. Stand.

Join the fight for the Multiverse. Play March of the Machine on MTG Arena

The Multiverse is fighting back against the Phyrexian invasion and needs your help. With new mechanics like Battle, Backup, and Incubate, allies from across your favorite planes are back to band together for the final fight! Join them and become a legendary hero - make one last stand.


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MTG Arena News

MTG Arena Announcements – May 15, 2023

Catch up with the latest info and events on MTG Arena.

Arena Open: March of the Machine Limited, May 20–21

Compete for prizes up to $2,000 and a Qualifier Weekend invitation in the next Arena Open, May 20–21!

Shadows of the Past: A New Way to Draft on MTG Arena

Senior Game Designer Jiachen Tao talks about how the Shadows of the Past bonus sheet came to be in Shadows over Innistrad Remastered.

New to MTG Arena?

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