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MTG Arena Draft

Quick Draft Guide

What is quick draft in MTG Arena?

Quick draft is a format in MTG Arena that allows you to draft cards against bots using 14-card draft packs and build a 40-card deck to battle others. You'll receive rewards based on how many wins you earn and you get to keep all the cards you choose! Keep playing until you reach seven wins or three losses.

Event Entry Fee

5000 Gold OR 750 Gems

Match Structure

Single Matches

Ends After

7 wins or 3 losses (whichever comes first)


All the cards you drafted and other rewards based on wins

How to Draft on MTG Arena?

Draft Specialist Deathsie leads you through your first draft on MTG Arena.

With Quick Draft, you can take your time reading and picking cards because the draft is with bots. Then challenge real players with your new 40 card deck and keep all the cards you draft. 

Draft Schedule

Ready to play? Test yourself and learn more about quick draft, standard, historic and all other MTG Arena events. Check out the upcoming schedule and details around our featured events.

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