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MTG Formats


When you're playing Magic you'll notice there are a few different formats (ways to play)! Formats include rules for the number of players, cards you're allowed to use, and how you build your decks. Each format is designed to let you enjoy Magic in different ways!

Most Popular Formats


Have what it takes to be the last one standing? Choose a legendary creature and get ready to face off against multiple opponents at once!

3 - 5
120 Minutes

Your cards, your deck, your victory! Build the ultimate deck with cards from the latest sets, then duel your competition and reign victorious.

20 Minutes
Booster Draft

Plan your strategy as you open packs on the spot! Build unique decks and battle with the cards you find in each pack.

2 - 8
120 Minutes

Learn to Play

Learn the world's greatest trading card game! Whether you play in-person, on MTG Arena, or with SpellTable there’s a place for you.

Learn The Basics
Ready to gear up for battle? Here are the basics you'll need to know to find your first victory.
Play In Person
Find your crew with upcoming events at local game stores near you!
Learn Digitally
Play anywhere! Take Magic with you on the go with digital games.

Different Ways to Play

Gather with friends and play in person! Tabletop is your chance to see physical card treatments like exclusive art, foils, and thematic frames up close.
MTG Arena
Try your hand at  Magic: The Gathering  through tutorials and a digital game you can take on the go. MTG Arena is free and available on mobile or desktop.  
Use your webcam to play Magic with friends in a private game, or match against players around the world! Now available with state-of-the-art card scanning technology.

Latest Products

May 12, 2023

March of the Machine: The Aftermath

The battle may be won, but the Multiverse will never be the same again. Many surviving heroes have lost their powers. Lead the rebuilding effort with regular and Showcase versions of all 50 cards in March of the Machine: The Aftermath.

April 21, 2023

March of the Machine

It takes a Multiverse to battle the forces of evil! Band together with legendary heroes for an epic team-up in March of the Machine!

February 10, 2023

Phyrexia: All Will Be One

Perfection will rise! Beauty and splendor are brought to the multiverse by a legion of biomechanical zealots, led by Magic's greatest villain: Elesh Norn. Take a knee, and embrace the power of Phyrexia once and for all.

November 18, 2022

The Brothers' War

To save the future, journey back to The Brothers’ War, a brutal clash of mechanical armies from Magic’s storied past. Fight intense battles of titanic proportions through innovation and adaptation. Reinvent the past. Retake the future.

October 7, 2022


Zero Gravity. Infinite Laughs. Punch your ticket to a space carnival too hilarious for this world ...with hilarious mechanics including stickers and attractions!

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