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Standard Showndown

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Standard Showdown

Outlaws of Thunder Junction

Weekly Tournaments April 19 – July 25


Bring your best Standard deck to your local game store each week and take on the competition for your shot at glory and sweet prizes!

Standard Showdown: Starts February 9

Delve into Standard Constructed—a 60-card format focusing on releases currently dating back to Innistrad: Midnight Hunt—with Standard Showdown, as the program returns to local game stores worldwide!

Standard Showdown is a weekly program that WPN retailers run to bring their Standard Constructed community together for a few hours of fun, with a few added prizes to spice things up. This program will be kicking off with a little Lunar New Year flair in the form of a special Sarkhan, Unbroken prize promo. Additionally, copies of a special Dragonlord's Servant promo will be available to participants in this kickoff while supplies last. (For players in Asia Pacific, there are even more promos to come, too. Check out our full Year of the Dragon promos article to see them all!)

Dragonlord's Servant
Sarkhan Unbroken

Standard players will also have some sweet new full-art Omenpath basic lands to chase after each week. Only a limited number of each basic land are available at each WPN retailer, so check with your local game store on their award structure throughout the next few weeks to learn how many are up for grabs and which ones.


So, get your Standard deck ready and check out a WPN retailer near you for details on Standard Showdown events happening throughout the next few months!

Prepare for Standard Showdown

Prepare for Standard Showdown

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