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Magic: The Gathering – Assassin’s Creed®

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Uncover the secrets of the past and follow in the footsteps of the assassins who came before. Be swift. Be precise. And never show your hand.

Release Date: July 5


The Animus has a new destination: Magic: The Gathering. Take a Leap of Faith into a new format of the game you love and find the weapons, characters, and real-world locations waiting on the battlefield. The only way to uncover the secrets of the past is to follow in the footsteps of the assassins who came before, and if you’ve learned anything, it’s that you must be swift, precise, and never show your hand.

Serialized Leonardo da Vinci cards are localized in Italian only and are available in Magic: The Gathering – Assassin’s Creed Collector Boosters of any language. Non-serialized Magic: The Gathering – Assassin’s Creed cards are mechanically identical to serialized variants. See product packaging for details. Images are digital renderings, not actual cards. Foil effect simulated.

Magic: The Gathering – Assassin’s Creed® Product Lineup

Collector Boosters

Get decked out like a master Assassin with Collector Boosters full of Rares, shining foils, and exclusive special treatments. Every pack contains 2 Foil-Etched cards!

Beyond Boosters

These 7-card boosters provide a curated opening experience for fans, including a Borderless card and shining foil in every pack. The past is yours to explore!


Leap into history with a box full of Assassin’s Creed-themed cards and accessories, including 9 Beyond Boosters, a special alt-art promo card, 40 Lands, and more.

Starter Kit

Your Assassin training starts here. Gear up for your first games of Magic with two Assassin’s Creed-themed decks and learn the ropes with the included guide.

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