With the Magic: The Gathering® – Assassin's Creed® Starter Kit, you and a friend can freerun through the settings of Assassin's Creed while experiencing the characters and stories from the popular video game series. Each Starter Kit comes with everything two players need to begin epic head-to-head battles playing Magic: The Gathering.

Everything Two Players Need to Get Started

Magic: The Gathering® – Assassin's Creed® Starter Kit
Magic: The Gathering® – Assassin's Creed® Starter Kit

Here's everything included in each Magic: The Gathering® – Assassin's Creed® Starter Kit:

  • 2 Ready-to-play 60-card decks:
    • 1 Ancient Arsenal (Red-White)
    • 1 Brotherhood Agents (Blue-Black)
  • 1 Magic Play Guide booklet
  • 2 Deck boxes
  • 2 Traditional foil mythic rares
  • 6 Non-foil rares
  • 2 Double-sided tokens

The two decks found inside Starter Kits include 31 cards exclusively found in this product: 2 mythic rares, 6 rares, 8 uncommons, 9 commons, and 4 basic lands with unique artwork.

Choose Your Deck

Each color, or color combination, in Magic reflects a certain style of play—each with its own personality, goals, and strategies.

Choose Ancient Arsenal to join Eivor and her crew, or fight from the shadows with Ezio and fellow assassins in Brotherhood Agents.

Experience Assassin's Creed Through Magic

Get a taste of the rich world and action-packed gameplay of Assassin's Creed with cards that feature beautiful artwork and thematic game mechanics.

Plus, the new-to-Magic cards from the Start Kit are Modern legal, so you can begin new adventures with fan-favorite characters in your own decks.

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(Editor's Note: The decklists below pull the newest printing of each card automatically from our card database, including printings which are not in this product. These decklists are not card-for-card product displays but rather interactive lists of the cards included in each deck.)

Check out the contents of these decks in the Magic: The Gathering – Assassin's Creed Card Image Gallery.

Ancient Arsenal (Red-White)

0274_MTGACR_StarFace: Eivor, Battle-Ready 0278_MTGACR_StarOthr: Escarpment Fortress 0293_MTGACR_StarOthr: Surtr, Fiery Jötun 0297_MTGACR_StarOthr: Raven Clan War-Axe
1 Eivor, Battle-Ready 1 Escarpment Fortress 1 Surtr, Fiery Jötun 2 Raven Clan War-Axe 3 Detained by Legionnaires 2 Battlefield Improvisation 3 Settlement Blacksmith 3 Keen-Eyed Raven 2 Headsplitter 3 Misthios's Fury 2 Spartan Veteran 3 Labyrinth Adversary 3 Bureau Headmaster 3 Stone Quarry 2 Hookblade 1 Ezio, Brash Novice 1 Arbaaz Mir 2 Towering Viewpoint 11 Plains 11 Mountain

Brotherhood Agents (Blue-Black)

0275_MTGACR_StarFace: Ezio, Blade of Vengeance 0294_MTGACR_StarOthr: Achilles Davenport 0295_MTGACR_StarOthr: Auditore Ambush 0298_MTGACR_StarOthr: Rooftop Bypass
1 Achilles Davenport 1 Ezio, Blade of Vengeance 2 Auditore Ambush 1 Rooftop Bypass 3 Tranquilize 2 Hookblade Veteran 3 Brotherhood Spy 2 Assassin Den 3 Merciless Harlequin 2 Brotherhood Patriarch 2 Poison-Blade Mentor 3 Brotherhood Ambushers 3 Hired Blade 3 Submerged Boneyard 1 Assassin Initiate 1 Restart Sequence 1 Chain Assassination 1 Towering Viewpoint 1 Eagle Vision 2 Murder 11 Island 11 Swamp

Get ready—Magic: The Gathering – Assassin's Creed releases July 5, 2024, and you can preorder it now from your local game store, online retailers like Amazon, and elsewhere Magic products are sold.