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Watch the teaser for Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty! Sign up for updates and get a folded paper craft download!

Fear what you become with Crimson Vow’s lineup of new vampire cards. Now available everywhere!

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MTG Arena
Bring the strategy. Bring the action. MTG Arena brings the legendary strategy card game to PC, Mac, Android, and iOS.
Magic is about community. Gather with yours whether you're playing at home, with friends, or at your local game store!
MAGIC Online
Experience the original digital platform for fans of Legacy, Modern, and other classic Magic formats. Available on PC!
Follow the Magic Pro League, compete in digital and tabletop tournaments!

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Perfect for beginners, and ready-to-play at your next event, the first Pioneer Challenger Decks are now available! With four ready-to-play decks, you can quick-pick a battle with friends or confidently jump into your next event. Find the set on Amazon or at your local game store!
Grab a friend and learn to play like the pros with the MTG Arena Starter Kit. This two deck set + a twice-redeemable MTG Arena promo code is now available!
Missed it live? Watch now as 16 champions battled for glory in one of the biggest events of the year!

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