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The Unfairest of Them All

Greetings! I hope you've been enjoying Magic Online Week here at I haven't written an article in a while, and until now my articles have mostly been on Magic Online design and the beta client. That's why, when we brainstormed topic ideas...

The Beta Goes On

After the Magic Online downtime on Wednesday, March 13, a new version of the Magic Online Beta client will be available to download. For all the articles I've written about progress on the beta client, I've never had a longer list of changes and improv...

A Fantasy Come True

The Venn diagram of sports lovers and Magic: The Gathering players overlaps quite a bit, with "love of the game" coming in many forms for gamers. One such gamer near the very center of this overlap is Mike Turian, Magic Pro Tour Hall of Famer and custo...
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