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Price of Progress: Simple Fixes

As we talked about last week, one of the easiest sets of mistakes to make while constructing a Sealed Deck is mistakes involving mana. You could make a mistake putting the proper amount of lands of each type in your deck to support the spells you'd lik...

Price of Progress: Paying the Price

Welcome back to another in-depth look at Sealed Deck! Last week, we finished up looking at my four points to help you with your card evaluation skills. Hopefully, everyone feels a little bit better about their ability to evaluate a card's usefulness, e...

Price of Progress: Looking at Mechanics

Hello again, everybody! Welcome back to my little slice of heaven for a continuation of our discussion on Sealed Deck. A few weeks ago, I set the stage, delivering the four biggest points to consider when evaluating cards in a Sealed Deck format. A cou...

Price of Progress: Grading Homework

Welcome back to another installment of Price of Progress, a feature series looking at the Sealed Deck format! We kicked things off last week with an initial glance at how to approach building a sealed deck. While it was a very basic primer, the underly...
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