Several of the tribes powered by Innistrad block have shown up at the top levels of tournaments, and it looks like it's finally time for Werewolves to get their day in the sun moon! In a recent Magic Online Daily Event, Paulito_Mang went 4–0 with his take on the double-sided creatures.

This aggressive Werewolf deck tries to push out of the gates quickly, sporting eight one-drop Werewolves to begin the beatdown. Reckless Waif and Wolfbitten Captive punish any deck that doesn't have a turn-one play. Gatstaf Shepherd and Mayor of Avabruck provide some solid turn-two options, and then on turn three, both Daybreak Ranger and the Werewolf lord Immerwolf add even more to your fanged force. Even if your opponent finds a way to deal with your early plays, Huntmaster of the Fells sits on the top of the curve and threatens to be an army all on his own.

A huge part of this deck's success likely lies in Full Moon's Rise. Many Werewolf decks in the past have sideboarded this card, but Paulito_Mang plays a full set, main deck! The enchantment ensures your creatures can shrug off opposing board sweepers; perhaps more importantly, though, is the added trample. With all of the tokens around Standard, Full Moon's Rise lets your Werewolves chomp right through Spirit and Human tokens alike!

If you've been looking for a fun, budget-friendly deck for Friday Night Magic tonight, this is right up your alley. It's time for Werewolves to get some showtime on Standard's center stage!

Paulito_Mang's Werewolves

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