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Innistrad: Double Feature

Discover what lurks in the eternal night of Innistrad with high contrast black and white cards from Innistrad: Midnight Hunt and Innistrad: Crimson Vow. Exclusive silver screen foils can be found in every pack!


Prerelease Packs

Your first chance to play! Grab a spindown life counter, six Draftboosters, MTG Arena code card, and a foil stamped Rare or Mythic foil card.

Theme Boosters / Booster Display

The best way to start building your Innistrad collection. With six Theme Booster options, expand on your chosen theme and snatch a bonus werewolf Theme Booster.

Draft Pack

Tear into three Draft Boosters for a ready-to-go draft experience you can pick up and play!


For those unafraid of the darkness: the ultimate bundle. Includes eight set boosters, 20 foil lands, 20 non-foil lands, a bundle promo card, and an exclusive oversized spindown life counter.

Set Boosters / Booster Display

Set Boosters will have you howling with commander cards, art cards, and the opportunity to crack open multiple Rares and Mythic rares!

Collector Boosters / Booster Display

Have a taste for showcase, borderless, and extended-art cards? Collector boosters will satisfy your hunger with foils and five cards Rare or higher in every pack!

Draft Boosters / Booster Display

Master the shadows with Draft Boosters! Unwrap two double-faced cards in every pack + one traditional foil card in every three packs.

Commander Decks

Fight for survival as the long night approaches with 30 new commander cards (not included in main set), and two uniquely designed decks.


Set Booster Box

Preorder your Set Booster Box and receive a Champion of the Perished promo card!


Collector Booster Box

Preorder your Collector Booster Box and receive a Champion of the Perished promo card!


Draft Booster Box

Preorder your Draft Booster Box and receive a Champion of the Perished promo card!

*Available while supplies last. Check your local store for details.
Get 3 Packs on MTG Arena




Light Your Candle. The Harvesttide Festival is here. Will you try to ward off the coming dark? Or embrace the power of the encroaching darkness? Face your fears with new spooky mechanics and double-faced werewolf cards that become more terrifying at night!



Driven by their passions, their supernatural hunger, and the tides of the moon, werewolves live in the boundary between humanity and supernatural evil. They embody the urge to violence, and the hunting instinct within the human heart, gathering in wild packs or hunting alone under the silver moon.


Innistrad is filled with spirits, called geists, who take the forms of protective ancestors, those lost between life and death, and vengeful creatures. Unable to be ushered into rest, many spirits now cling to the world of the living instead of finding their way to the Blessed Sleep.


These humans once practiced ancient magic to improve crop yields, bring luck at weddings, and protect families from creatures of the night. After persecution of witches and warlocks for an era, residents are now turning back to these ancient traditions. With the revival of the Harvesttide festival, they hope to restore the balance between day and night.


Mindless creatures who were once human, ghouls and skaabs now roam aimlessly through the wilds of Innistrad. Animated by necromancers using dark magic, their carnal hunger draws them forth from unhallowed graves. To serve as familiars necromancers have also been known to call forth undead cats, rats, and snakes.


Having formed a civilization that directly competes with humanity, vampires view themselves as successors to the weak human race. They are the embodiment of self-indulgent desire with stately manor houses and towering castles. Of the four great vampire family lines, each shows varying degrees of aggressiveness toward their human prey.


See what makes this set special by checking out the Card Image Gallery. Tour the plane of Innistrad with Magic Story.


Return to the horrors of Innistrad. Get the latest Magic set today!

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   Dive into history with cards pulled from  Magic 's past. These legacy cards include commons, uncommons, rares/mythic rares. 1 in 4 all-new Set Boosters contain one card from The List.


The Harvesttide Festival is on the horizon, and werewolves and warlocks roam! Sign up for the latest news, updates, release dates and events so you can ward off creatures of the looming dark.

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