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Every Game Is a New Campaign


Everything you love from Dungeons & Dragons meets Magic in the Forgotten Realms! Play cards featuring fan-favorite characters, and battle with iconic monsters like beholders, mimics, mind flayers, and—of course—legendary dragons!

*Disclaimer: Cards are not Modal Double-Faced cards. This represents 2 cards.

Latest Products

Gift Bundle

Bring your D20 to Magic with 10 Draft Boosters, one Collector Booster and an oversized D20 die.

Prerelease Packs

Discover ready-to-play prerelease packs featuring six draft boosters, one D20, and a foil Rare or Mythic rare promo.

Theme Boosters

Every game is a new campaign in the Adventures in the Forgotten Realms Theme Boosters, with 35 cards for your favorite type of deck, and at least one Rare or Mythic Rare.


Level up with 10 draft boosters, an oversized D20, 20 foil lands, an alt-art promo, and more!

Set Boosters/Booster Display

Delve into new territory with set boosters; the best way to experience a set! Discover Rare or Mythic cards in each pack you open!

Collector Boosters/Booster Display

What's an adventure without treasure? Dive into the latest set with Collector Boosters, and discover showcase cards, extended art, Rares or Mythics, a premium token and more!

Draft Boosters/Booster Display

Unleash your best strategies with a Rare or Mythic card in each draft booster pack!

Commander Decks

Unleash ready-to-duel decks for the ultimate multiplayer experience: One commander, 100-cards.


Set Booster Box

Preorder your Set Booster Box and get a promo card: Vorpal Sword!*


Collector Booster Box

Preorder your Collector Booster Box and get a promo card: Vorpal Sword!*


Draft Booster Box

Preorder your Draft Booster Box and get a promo card: Vorpal Sword!*

*Available while supplies last. Check your local store for details.
Get 3 Packs on MTG Arena



See Magic like never before while browsing the card image gallery. Explore the new five-part adventure story with Magic Story.

Lets Roll
Guess the Class
Magic meets D&D

Adventures in the Forgotten Realms

Party like never before in the latest Magic set! Now available everywhere:


The List

Dive into history with cards pulled from Magic's past. These legacy cards include commons, uncommons, rares, and mythic rares. 1 in 4 all-new Set Boosters contain one card from The List.


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