Kaladesh Remastered Kick-Off

Posted in Magic Digital on November 2, 2020

By Wizards of the Coast

Kaladesh Remastered

Energy. Vehicles. Thopters! On November 12, airships will race, automaton constructs will battle, genius minds will face-off, and elegant design will reign supreme as Kaladesh and Aether Revolt return to MTG Arena in Kaladesh Remastered.

Tools of the Trade

The plane of Kaladesh is a living work of art. Life-giving aether infuses the natural world, sculpting the earth and waterways and drawing trees and plants into delicate twisting patterns, while clockwork automotons walk the streets and whirling thopters flit over the markets.

A few of your favorite streamers and content creators will also be joining our crew to showcase their spirit of invention and boundless creativity—so stay tuned for more content!

Preorder Kaladesh Remastered

Starting on November 5, players will have the option to preorder Kaladesh Remastered for a special deal on packs, Player Draft tokens, and in-game cosmetics:

  • 10 Kaladesh Remastered booster packs
  • 3x Draft Tokens
  • Playset (4x copies) Aether Hub cards
  • 1x Aether Hub alternate-art card style

Price: $29.99 USD/€29.99

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