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Learn the basics, perfect your strategy, and compete against others online. Download for free and enter the Arena.

A strategy game unlike any other

  • The TCG experience, now available as a CCG video game on your phone and PC
  • Collect, build and master your unique deck
  • Show off your personality by unlocking avatars, card sleeves, and companions
  • One shared account. Take MTG with you when you’re AFK

New to Magic? No Problem

  • Complete the tutorial to learn the basics
  • Unlock 14 unique starter decks through the Color Challenge
  • Compete against other newcomers in Starter Deck Duels
  • Define your own strategy and build a deck

Rise The Ranks

  • Compete against others in ranked PVP games
  • Join in-game tournaments for exciting prizes
  • Earn daily rewards to build your collection
  • Join events including Drafts, Midweek Magic, and Jump In!


  • Compete against others in ranked PVP games
  • Join in-game tournaments for exciting prizes
  • Earn daily rewards to build your collection
  • Join events including Drafts, Midweek Magic, and Jump In!

How does MTG Arena work?

MTG Arena follows the same rules as the tabletop card game. Players use decks of cards that generate five colors of mana, and play cards that consume mana to call for creatures, cast defensive and offensive spells, and activate effects or unique abilities. Complete the tutorial, build your profile and start playing MTG Arena!


Perfect for new players, this will get you familiar with a format used at events of all levels. Standard is a dynamic format where you build decks and play using cards in your collection from recently released Magic sets.


Alchemy is a new play mode featuring new-to-digital Magic cards designed specifically for digital play. Expect regular changes to the format to create a dynamic play experience in-between Standard set releases.


Ranging from casual to competitive, Historic is a Magic format built to allow you to use cards that are no longer legal in Standard after rotation. This format is exclusive to MTG Arena.


An exciting deck-brewing challenge, Brawl is most similar to Commander. In this format, you'll build a Commander-style deck around a legendary creature or Planeswalker and play 1v1 games on MTG Arena.


Timeless is MTG Arena’s largest Constructed format where every card is legal. Make a deck with the most powerful cards throughout Magic history. This format is perfect for veteran players who want to experiment with unique combinations or revisit sets from Magic's past.

Choose Your Avatar

It's your game! Customize your play with your favorite avatar! Start with 12 options and gain additional avatars through events and with the in-game store.

Swap Your Card Sleeves

Set the tone with card sleeves to show off your style. Artwork ranges from Planeswalkers to creatures to exclusive event art!


Bring your personality to the battlefield with pets! Choose the perfect pet to strike fear in your enemies (or to just look cute). Pets are available for purchase in the MTG Arena Store.

Customize Your Emotes

Want to say something with some emote magic? Change around your settings to use character emotes from your favorite set!

Choose Your Deck

Pick a play style and then select your deck! In MTG Arena you'll begin with a variety of starter decks. As you play you'll gain wildcards to redeem and earn boosters to expand your collection! In this section you can easily build, upload, and edit your decks. When choosing your play format, you'll only see decks that are legal in that format.

Learn the basics, perfect your strategy, and compete against others online. See the latests card sets below.

Download for free and enter the Arena.

The Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-earth™

Put Middle-earth in your collection and join familiar favorites on a whole new adventure there and back again with valor, courage, and second breakfast. With the Ring-bearer mechanic, the fate of all rests in the bonds of your Fellowship. Join the epic journey of our time!

Modern Horizons 3

Modern Horizons 3 brings a heaping helping of exciting new cards to MTG Arena. Allied fetch lands return alongside power-packed new cards like double-faced Planeswalkers you're sure to flip for. With over 40 keyword abilities, keyword actions, ability words, and unnamed mechanics you'll feel the power of your new forever favorites.

Outlaws of Thunder Junction

Welcome to Thunder Junction, a land of harsh deserts, hostile critters… and crime! Saddle up for a wild ride with new creature type Mount, and hassle rival outlaws with mechanics Plot and Crime as you pull of the greatest heist this side o’ the law. The wanted posters are up, the jobs goin’ down, but with grit and grumption you’ll ride off into the sunset with the ultimate score.

Ready to rustle up some trouble?

Murders at Karlov Manor

A series of shocking murders involving some of Ravnica’s most powerful citizens has the city on the verge of chaos. In a city full of detectives, you’re the one for the job. Outwit your opponent with new detective-themed abilities including Suspect, Collect Evidence, and Case cards. Help find out who committed the murders at Karlov Manor…before you become their next victim.

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MTG Arena News

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Renewal for MTG Arena's 2024 Standard Rotation

The Arena Cube Draft, July 16–30

Arena Cube includes some of the most powerful cards in MTG Arena, and it's back with a refreshed card list.

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The Arena Cube Draft, July 16–30

MTG Arena Announcements – July 15, 2024

Catch up with the latest info and events on MTG Arena.

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MTG Arena Announcements – July 15, 2024

New to MTG Arena?

Learn the basics and start unlocking powerful cards and decks right away.

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