Much like with Oko on Thunder Junction, there has been a betrayal at our vault. Modern Horizons 3, a set that is the perfect marriage of powerful Magic and powerful memes, is spilling out into the world at a quick—though unintended—clip. We think the culprit is a hidden door at the back of the Fomori vault that Jace "forgot" about, but only Oko knows. And he's off somewhere doing crunches.

"I'm sorry, what leaks?"

Oko, the Ringleader

At any rate, we're here. We've experienced leaks of this magnitude in the past, and each time, we get similar feedback—that there is a significant contingent of our fans who prefer to engage with previews without the fuzzy, distorted potato camera photos getting in their way. We definitely prefer it.

"Leaks? No idea what you're talking about."

0062_MTGMH3_Main: Flare of Denial 0400_MTGMH3_RetroMH3: Flare of Denial 0326_MTGMH3_FrameBrk: Flare of Denial

That said, leaks of the magnitude we're seeing with Modern Horizons 3 are tough to ignore outright, hence this very article. So, let's talk about where things go from here (and, yes, also show off some cards in non-potato-camera form).

"I have this recurring nightmare where I forgot to do my homework and also half the set leaked."

0083_MTGMH3_Main: Chthonian Nightmare 0406_MTGMH3_RetroMH3: Chthonian Nightmare 0330_MTGMH3_FrameBrk: Chthonian Nightmare

Debut begins May 21, an unfathomably long three weeks from now in internet time. We were very much looking forward to giving you all a break and just enjoying Outlaws of Thunder Junction. Players love the draft environment, the cards are impactful in multiple formats, and we still have a few cards plotted and waiting to enter the battlefield. Hey, we're the patient type.

"As patient as a land that gives you two mana on turn one."

0233_MTGMH3_Main: Ugin's Labyrinth 0359_MTGMH3_BdlFetch: Ugin's Labyrinth

To that end, we want to give fans the experience they want. If you're the type who devours leaks and previews as soon as possible, the Modern Horizons 3 leaks aren't hard to find. We're not going to point you in their direction or anything, but if you're into that kind of thing, you probably already know where they are.

"They're in here."

0234_MTGMH3_Main: Urza's Cave

If you're the type of player who enjoys the communal experience of discovering the set in an intentional way, complete with crisp, non-potato-camera images, we're still going to roll that out for you in the coming weeks. We have some cool, fun things lined up, including a revamp of classic Eldrazi-focused stories, throwback previews here on DailyMTG revisiting some of our old column line-up (Latest Developments, Command Tower, Savor the Flavor, and From the Lab!), and definitely a few more clever ideas that we're coming up with on the fly.

"Look at this card. See how clever we are? We'll come up with something."

0207_MTGMH3_Main: Wight of the Reliquary 0460_MTGMH3_ExtRM: Wight of the Reliquary

Plus, Modern Horizons sets are known for their fantastic Limited formats, and the third round is no exception. We'll try to deliver a well-rounded look at what Limited is like for this set with, you know, context. (Hint: It's wild and weird and great.)

"The context here is 'this card is a very strong uncommon.'"

0140_MTGMH3_Main: Spawn-Gang Commander

The official, official debut for Modern Horizons 3 will be May 21. You can join us to relive the rise (and defeat) of the Eldrazi with Magic Story—featuring preview cards—beginning May 13. Random surprises will happen, well, randomly.

"Oh, no! Artifact decks are going to be busted!"

0270_MTGMH3_Bonus: Kappa Cannoneer 0401_MTGMH3_RetroMH3: Kappa Cannoneer

"Oh, no! Artifact decks are going to be terrible!"

0282_MTGMH3_Bonus: Meltdown 0418_MTGMH3_RetroMH3: Meltdown

But we're not monsters. Well, Bob from Accounting might be, but generally we're fans just like you. (Ask your local longtime player if you're not familiar with Bob from Accounting.) So, we're going to leave you with some cool cards from both Modern Horizons 3 and Modern Horizons 3 Commander decks.

"Hey, we're excited for this set, too!"

0040_MTGMH3_Main: Phelia, Exuberant Shepherd 0478_MTGMH3_FEModern: Phelia, Exuberant Shepherd 0364_MTGMH3_Portrait: Phelia, Exuberant Shepherd

Set Standouts

0013_MTGMH3_Main: Nulldrifter 0388_MTGMH3_RetroMH3: Nulldrifter
0008_MTGMH3_Main: Herigast, Erupting Nullkite 0474_MTGMH3_FEModern: Herigast, Erupting Nullkite 0362_MTGMH3_Portrait: Herigast, Erupting Nullkite
0192_MTGMH3_Main: Kudo, King Among Bears 0490_MTGMH3_FEModern: Kudo, King Among Bears 0432_MTGMH3_RetroMH3: Kudo, King Among Bears 0376_MTGMH3_Portrait: Kudo, King Among Bears
0012_MTGMH3_Main: Null Elemental Blast 0387_MTGMH3_RetroMH3: Null Elemental Blast
0103_MTGMH3_Main: Nethergoyf 0454_MTGMH3_ExtRM: Nethergoyf
0287_MTGMH3_Bonus: Sylvan Safekeeper
0265_MTGMH3_Bonus: Orim's Chant 0323_MTGMH3_FrameBrk: Orim's Chant
0213_MTGMH3_Main: Winter Moon 0462_MTGMH3_ExtRM: Winter Moon

Commander Catches

0113_MTGMH3_NewOther: Siege-Gang Lieutenant 0061_MTGMH3_CommExP2: Siege-Gang Lieutenant
0104_MTGMH3_NewOther: Final Act 0052_MTGMH3_CommExP2: Final Act
0100_MTGMH3_NewOther: March from Velis Vel 0048_MTGMH3_CommExP2: March from Velis Vel
0132_MTGMH3_NewOther: Planar Nexus 0080_MTGMH3_CommExP2: Planar Nexus