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Preorder Wilds of Eldraine

Get lost in the Wilds of Eldraine with fantastical creatures, unbelievable settings, and beloved characters with a unique twist! Wilds of Eldraine is available now!

WeeklyMTG | Magic ExtraLife 2023

Blake Rasmussen sits down with Mike Turian and Mendy Minjarez to discuss this year's Extra Life charity fundraiser and show off the newest Secret Lair benefitting Extra Life.
PLEASE BE ADVISED: This video includes discussion of potentially triggering material, such as depression, suicide, and self-harm care and recovery services. This video describes efforts by Seattle Children’s to support access and safety in funding both medical and mental-health services, made possible by funding from organizations like Wizards of the Coast.
If you or someone you know is struggling or in crisis, help is available. Call or text 988 or chat .

2023 Secret Lair Fall Superdrop

From Magic: The Baseballing  and Artist Series: Kev Walker to Absolute Annihilation and Now on VHS! , the latest Secret Lair Superdrop is packed with throwbacks and fan-favorites for you to explore.

The Chosen Champions of Las Vegas

Every fan has their favorite player to follow at Magic World Championship XXIX, but who do competitors believe will win it all?

Magic World Championship XXIX Viewers Guide

$1,000,000 in prizes, the Player of the Year title, and the final trophy of the season await with Magic World Championship XXIX at MagicCon: Las Vegas, September 22–24!

Join Wizards and Support Extra Life 2023

Wizards of the Coast

New Event, Old Hat: Magic World Championship XXIX

The biggest World Championship field is years isn't just full of new challengers. These are the fan-favorites back for another chance at Magic immortality.

Going Wild at a World Championship Draft

Six of the 14 rounds at Magic World Championship XXIX will be Wilds of Eldraine Draft. Here's how to start each day with a 3-0 deck.
Making Magic

Wilds Blue Yonder, Part 2

Mark Rosewater

Magic: The Gathering® – Doctor Who™ Promo and Photo Opp at MagicCon: Las Vegas

Visit MagicCon: Las Vegas for this Magic: The Gathering® – Doctor Who™ TARDIS promo card and photo opportunity, while supplies last.

The Week That Was: World Class Teams

One of the best paths to a Top 8 is working with amazing teammates. These teams are taking World Championship XXIX by storm.

Festival in a Box: Las Vegas 2023

Celebrate Magic in style with a new Secret Lair, an amazing promo, and piles of boosters with Festival in a Box: Las Vegas 2023, available for preorder now!

Metagame Mentor: Standard with Wilds of Eldraine

Wilds of Eldraine is here! These are the latest decks and tech for Standard, just in time for Magic World Championship XXIX.

The World Championship Within Your Reach

From the RCQ all the way to the Pro Tour, the path to "the top" is clear. The next World Champion may be someone just like you.

Where and How to Play Wilds of Eldraine

Create a tale of your own playing Magic and pick up these amazing promos beginning in September!

Join the Harvesttide Festival October 27–29, 2023!

WPN game stores across North America have an Innistrad experience waiting for you and your friends.

Wilds of Eldraine Commander Decklists

Wizards of the Coast

Starter Kit 2023 Decklists

Wizards of the Coast
Новые карты

The Tokens of Wilds of Eldraine

Jubilee Finnegan
Галерея карт

Wilds of Eldraine Art Cards

Wizards of the Coast

What's New on The List for Wilds of Eldraine

Wizards of the Coast

Collecting Wilds of Eldraine

Mike Turian

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Подробности мастерства выпуска «Дебри Элдраина»

Мы продолжаем наше волшебное повествование — встречайте мастерство выпуска и абонемент мастерства выпуска «Дебри Элдраина». Получите доступ к бустерам, портретам, картам и многому другому на древе мастерства выпуска.

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