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Preorder Your March of the Machine MTG Arena Bundle

Choose one or all three bundles to have your first look at March of the Machine!

Chandra Pack Bundle

Available at time of purchase:

  • Chandra, Hope's Beacon Sleeve

Available via voucher when the set is released:

  • 50x MOM Set Boosters
  • 5x Golden Packs
  • 1x Chandra, Hope's Beacon Card
  • Chandra, Hope's Beacon Depth Art Card Style

Wrenn Play Bundle

Available at time of purchase:

  • Wrenn and Realmbreaker Sleeve Fblthp Pet

Available via voucher when the set is released:

  • 2x Player Draft Token
  • 1x Sealed Token
  • 5x Play In Points
  • 1x Wrenn and Realmbreaker Card
  • Wrenn and Realmbreaker Depth Art Card Style

Elspeth Pass Bundle

Available at time of purchase:

  • Archangel Elspeth Sleeve

Available via voucher when the set is released:

  • March of the Machine Set Mastery Pass
  • 1x Archangel Elspeth Card
  • Archangel Elspeth Depth Art Card Style

Bow to the splendor and glory of Phyrexia. Play Phyrexia: All Will Be One on MTG Arena.

Elesh Norn has strengthened her ranks to include five new compleated Planeswalkers, now made perfect in her image. Spread the perfection of New Phyrexia throughout your collection to create fun, strong decks! Use toxic to activate corrupt, and proliferate the counters to continue the spread. In the end, All Will Be One.


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