Magic: The Gathering Game Day

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    1–2 марта 2014 г.
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Magic Game Day gives you a shot at glory by becoming a local champion! Run in local game and hobby stores around the world a month after a new card set is available in stores, Magic Game Day is a great way to interact with your local players and see how the new cards shape the Constructed metagame.

Magic Game Day features the Standard format, showcasing the new card set in the most popular format in the world.

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Magic Game Day is held at local retail stores one month after a new card set is available for purchase. The events usually consist of 15-30 players at each location.


Unique prizes created just for this Game Day are awarded to top players. Special commemorative foil cards and are given to each participant and Top 8 competitor while supplies last. Additional prizes may be awarded at the discretion of the event organizers.

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