Posted in Статьи on 10 Сентябрь 2013

Saturday morning saw 1505 players open their boosters and build their decks with hopes of taking home the trophy. Pro players from all over the world included american Sam Black along with the very elite of European players. The Rule was that blue was the color to be in, but would it be true? And would anyone be able to balance out the act of the popular Magic 2014 limited format?

204 players made it through to the draft portion, and two drafts later the top 8 cracked open the final boosters for the weekend, starting play well after sundown. In the end it was a final between Red/Green Slivers and Blue/Black control, a strong contender for the best deck of the format. Italian gentleman Marco Cammilluzzi fought valiantly, but finally it was Russian Anatoly Chuhwichov who rode his Air Servant to victory.

Congratulations to Anatoly Chuhwichov, champion of Grand Prix Prague!