Friday Night Magic is the heart and soul of your local Magic community. Open to all and running in thousands of stores across the globe each Friday Night, “FNM” is a chance to catch up with your friends, make new ones and of course, play some Magic!



Friday Night Magic is offered in a variety of great, easy-to-get into formats. Whether you like to build your own deck and bring it the event or play from a limited pool of cards when you get there, you’ll be sure to find a format that’s right for you. Some stores even offer Two-Headed Giant, where you can play with a friend. Double the carnage, double the fun!

Stores can run Friday Night Magic events as any format. Check with your local store to see what people will be playing, then show up and have fun!

Looking to play a specific format? Talk to your store about getting your format supported at Friday Night Magic!

Looking for a deck to play? These winning decks lists from recent events might give you a few ideas.



Participating Friday Night Magic stores receive a limited supply of exclusive promo cards to distribute to participants of Friday Night Magic events. Check with your local store to see how you can get your hands on this month's promo. 


  • The Tournament Organizer determines how promo cards are distributed. Talk to your local store about how to get one!
  • FNM events have a Planeswalker Points multiplier of 1x.
  • Friday Night Magic runs only on Friday.


Use the event and store locator to find a place to play this Friday. And don’t forget to share your stories with the FNM Community on Twitter with hashtag #MTGFNM!

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