We're offering a new way to earn more rewards through play for sets that aren't legal in Standard or Alchemy, beginning with the release of Modern Horizons 3 on June 11! Introducing Psychic Frog's Horizon Hideaway!

What Is Psychic Frog's Horizon Hideaway?

Psychic Frog's Horizon Hideaway is a limited-time MTG Arena Store tab featuring special Modern Horizons 3 rewards like packs, avatars, sleeves, and more! You'll find it following the release of Modern Horizons 3 on June 11 in the tab to the right of the Cosmetics tab. You can unlock the entire Horizon Hideaway with the 2,800 gems entry and start redeeming Horizon Hideaway tickets for rewards.

Screenshot of the unlocked Psychic Frog's Horizon Hideaway MTG Arena Store tab with avatars shown of Ulamog, Kaalia, Ashling, Grist, and Six

Earning Horizon Hideaway Tickets

You can earn Horizon Hideaway tickets by completing quests and daily wins:

How Earned Tickets Awarded
Quest 45
1–5 Daily Wins 2 per win
6–10 Daily Wins 1 per win
Home tab showing Daily Win Rewards of 260 gold, 25 Mastery XP, and 2 Horizon Hideaway tickets