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"One cannot cleanse the wounds of failure."

Karn is a sentient, silver golem who has near-complete mastery over artifacts. He can understand most technological devices with a single touch, and quickly create artifacts or automatons without the need for components or materials. Created over 1200 years ago by the Planeswalker Urza, Karn’s existence was defined for centuries by whatever “purpose” his father assigned to him. After finding true friends, saving the Multiverse, and becoming a Planeswalker, Karn set off to create his own legacy. He created his own world, becoming the “father” to an entire plane. Tragically, and through his own accidental actions, that world became twisted by the influence of Phyrexia. Determined to prevent the Phyrexians from usurping his legacy, Karn will stop at nothing until they are destroyed.


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