Kaladesh's vedalken subscribe to the philosophy that nothing is perfect-and nothing ever can be perfect. Dovin Baan fully embraces this view, not only because he believes in the spirit of it, but because he can actually see the imperfections all around him. He has an innate talent, heightened by magic, that allows him to clearly see the flaws in any system or machine. After mere moments of scrutiny, Dovin can provide a complete analysis, noting a particular machine's weaknesses, highlighting its shortcomings, and predicting with startling accuracy exactly how and when it will fail.

Dovin's talents earned him notice by Ghirapur's governing body, the Consulate, and landed him on the fast-track to a high-ranking position as Senior Inspector. Now, the vast majority of new Consulate inventions are funneled through him. Each design must pass his discerning evaluation before being cleared for mass-market production. He sets the standard for safety and quality, and his vigilant oversight has led to a reduction of consumer injuries, a decrease in the number of recalls, and a rise in general satisfaction with Consulate products.

His admirable success made him the obvious candidate to serve as inspector of the highly anticipated Inventors' Fair, a month-long event to be held in Ghirapur that is expected to draw inventors and fans from across the world. In the preparations leading up to the event, Dovin mitigated hundreds of hazards-in the structural integrity of new architecture, the curves of race-tracks, and the sharpness of ribbon edges. And he crafted a plan to significantly reduce the risk of gremlin infestation. But when he came up against an unexpected and unpredictable renegade threat, he found he did not have the resources to manage it-at least not on Kaladesh. He turned to his powers as a Planeswalker and requested the aid of the Gatewatch: a group of other Planeswalkers whose oath to keep the planes of the Multiverse safe aligned with his own principles.

Dovin Baan's story continues in "War of the Spark: Ravnica" -- the new novel from Greg Weisman available here




On this vibrant plane, aether powers thousands of brilliant inventions from clockwork automatons to massive airships. Genius inventors have come from all over the world to compete at the Inventors' Fair. Who will most impress the mysterious Head Judge?



Saheeli Rai

On her home plane of Kaladesh, Saheeli is a famous inventor renowned as the most brilliant metalsmith of her time. She's best known for the bewitchingly lifelike artifact constructs she crafts out of gleaming iridescent metal.