Brilliant, curious, and always in control, Jace is a master of mental magic: spells of illusion, deception, and mind reading. His powers allow him to manipulate enemy mages by countering their magic or using their spells against them. An adept analyst, he has an optimized plan (and a backup plan) for every situation.

Growing up as a magical prodigy on his home plane, Jace Beleren sought out the training of the mysterious sphinx Alhammarret. Under the sphinx's training, Jace learned to control his abilities. However, when Jace discovered that Alhammarret had been using him for political manipulations, he confronted his master in a fierce mental battle. The battle badly damaged Jace's memories and caused him excruciating pain. This distress ignited his Planeswalker spark, tearing him away from his home plane.

Jace awoke on Ravnica, his memories shattered and his former identity forgotten. During this time, he formed a romantic attachment to Liliana Vess, only to learn that she too was manipulating and deceiving him.

Jace's absence of memory now fuels his insatiable appetite for knowledge and truth. His need to uncover and understand the unknown has lead him to Zendikar and back to Ravnica, where he solved his greatest puzzle yet: the Implicit Maze. His achievements earned him the title of Ravnica's Living Guildpact, where he serves as the magically empowered arbiter between the city's many guilds.

After aiding in the defeat of two of the Eldrazi titans on Zendikar, Jace took an oath to keep watch over the planes of the Multiverse as part of the Gatewatch. The Gatewatch offers him the opportunity to think and act on a larger scale, which intrigues him as a mental challenge in addition to appealing to his sense of responsibility. Jace can't walk away from an unsolved mystery. He believes everything that exists can be understood, and he dreams of one day knowing everything there is to know.

On Zendikar, he learned the history of the Eldrazi from Ugin, the Spirit Dragon, and he burned with the desire to know more about them—which brought him to Innistrad in search of Sorin Markov. His visit to the plane is complicated by his relationship with Liliana Vess, who has a close connection to Innistrad. Given their past romance, he is attracted to her and cares about her, but he doesn't trust her at all.

Jace Beleren's story continues in "War of the Spark: Ravnica" -- the new novel from Greg Weisman available here


Jace, Cunning Castaway




Five deadly trials await the people of this plane as they hope for a glorious death—and eternal glory in the afterlife. But their true fate lies in the hands of the sinister Nicol Bolas.




This beast summoner was cursed by fellow planewalker Liliana Vess, tainting his green spells with black. Now he’s a predator on the hunt for brutal revenge.