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Teferi Akosa

A centuries-old hero from a bygone era, Teferi was a Planeswalker of such incredible power that he once saved his homeland from war by phasing it out of time. Tragically, during the conflict that followed, Teferi lost his Planeswalker spark along with much of his power, rendering him incapable of restoring his home. Teferi eventually moved on to raise a family, but after many years they grew old while he remained almost untouched by age. Still troubled by the mistakes of his past, Teferei felt a growing responsibility to atone, and new threats to the Multiverse finally inspired him to reclaim his Planeswalker spark. While he may never reach the apex of his powers again, Teferi is still a formidable time mage who approaches conflict with a wry sense of humor shaped by years of experience.


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