article - MAKING MAGIC September 22, 2015

Prose and Khans, Part 2

by Mark Rosewater

Last week, I started telling card-by-card design stories. I didn't finish, so today is the second and final installment. Meandering Towershell This card came about because we were trying to mak...

article - RECONSTRUCTED March 31, 2015

Executing on Zombies

by Gavin Verhey

It's a dragon-eat-everything world out there on Tarkir right now. And although there are certainly plenty of dragons running around, plenty of other tasty morsels are out and about on Tarkir. Th...

article - SERIOUS FUN March 31, 2015

Younger Dragons: Dragons of Tarkir Prerelease

by Bruce Richard

My regular readers know that I run tournaments for the local players. We get together at our local community library (the store that sponsors the tournaments is far too small) and take it over for ...

article - ARCANA March 31, 2015

Tempest Pre-mastered

by Blake Rasmussen

As we showed off yesterday, Tempest Remastered is a whole new twist on an old, old set. It looks and feels more like a modern draft environment than what Tempest, Stronghold, and Exodus, could have...

article - DAILY DECK March 31, 2015

Jesse Parnell's belcher at Legacy: Worcester

by Shuhei Nakamura

The second of this week's fun-to-goldfish decks is the opposite of yesterday's deck in that it's super simple. Basically, you can tell whether you can go off by just looking at your opening hand, a...

article - ARCANA March 30, 2015

April through June FNM Promo Update

by Blake Rasmussen

We're nearing the next month, which means it's time for the latest update to the FNM promos list. Behold, the wonders that await you in the coming months at a Friday Night Magic near you… APRI...

article - DAILY DECK March 30, 2015

Jack Kitchen's Painter SCG Premier IQ—Baltimore

by Shuhei Nakamura

A combo deck's biggest nightmare is Force of Will. Being able to counter something for zero mana feels very unfair, especially after playing just that deck and bringing it to your first tourname...

article - FROM THE LAB March 30, 2015

Artifacts of Another Age

by Mike Cannon

Welcome back to From the Lab, folks. With Dragons of Tarkir just hitting store shelves on Friday, there are still plenty of interesting cards I haven't had the chance to use yet. Today I'll be digg...

article - CARD IMAGE GALLERY March 30, 2015

Tempest Remastered Card Image Gallery

by Wizards of the Coast

WHITE | BLUE | BLACK | RED | GREENMULTICOLORED | ARTIFACT | LAND | ALL CARDS Angelic Blessing Angelic Protector Anoint Armor Sliver Armored Pegasus Avenging Angel Bandage ...

article - Feature March 30, 2015

Adam Prosak and Ian Duke Tempest Remastered Interview

by David Whitfield

If you missed the original announcement, Tempest Remastered is coming out on Wednesday, May 6! Tempest Remastered is a different beast from any other set to date. Not concerned with fitting into...

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