article - THE WEEK THAT WAS May 22, 2015

History in the Remaking?

by Brian David-Marshall

In this issue: Neal Oliver, GP Vegas 2013 Champion | World Championship Seats Going Fast Neal Oliver is on the verge of being displaced in the Magic history books…or is he? It was just a...

article - SURVEY May 22, 2015

Modern Masters 2015 Edition Survey

by Wizards of the Coast

Want your voice heard? Share your opinions on Modern Masters 2015 Edition by taking this short survey.

article - FEATURE May 22, 2015

Be a Friday Night Magic Modern Master

by Mike Rosenberg

Modern Masters 2015 Edition releases today, giving you the chance to become a Modern master at your local store starting with tonight's Friday Night Magic. Stores can start running events with the ...

article - VIEWING GUIDE May 22, 2015

Modern Masters Weekend

by Mike Rosenberg

Modern Masters Weekend—Magic Twitch ChannelFriday, May 29 6 p.m. PT/9 p.m. ET/2 a.m. Saturday UTC—Grand Prix Chiba Saturday, May 30 11 a.m. PT/2 p.m. ET/6 p.m. UTC—Grand Prix Las Vegas Sunday, Ma...

article - TOP DECKS May 22, 2015

Going Green in Shanghai

by Luis Scott-Vargas

A couple weeks ago, Esper Dragons was dominating Standard. There were Temple of Deceits everywhere, and all sorts of tournaments (big and small) were being won by Ojutai and Silumgar. Non-blue deck...

article - DAILY DECK May 22, 2015

Four-Color Midrange

by Melissa DeTora

Four-color decks have been performing pretty well at tournaments lately. These decks are usually aggressive, featuring the powerful instant Collected Company or the megamorph staples Deathmist Rapt...

article - LATEST DEVELOPMENTS May 22, 2015

Development Risks in Modern

by Sam Stoddard

People ask me, sometimes, how much of our playtesting do we spend testing Modern. The answer is…well, none; at least not directly. Kind-of some, but not really. Almost all of our playtesting is eit...

article - FEATURED NEWS May 21, 2015

Modern Masters Packaging Concerns

by Wizards of the Coast

We have heard concerns about Modern Masters 2015 Edition booster packaging. You can be assured that the new Modern Masters 2015 packaging is subject to rigorous security, safety, and quality testin...

article - ARCANA May 21, 2015

It's Elemental

by Blake Rasmussen

Elementals make a comeback for Modern Masters 2015 Edition, and they remain as odd as ever. Thanks to the weird world that was Lorwyn, many Elementals in Modern Masters 2015 Edition have some of th...

article - PERILOUS RESEARCH May 21, 2015

Modern after the MOCS

by Jacob Van Lunen

Welcome to Modern Week here at Perilous Research,'s exclusive Magic Online column! Modern has been rapidly evolving since the release of Dragons of Tarkir. Powerful new tools like Kola...

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