article - CARD IMAGE GALLERY July 1, 2015

Magic Origins

by Wizards of the Coast

Card Name Color Outlet Aspiring Aeronaut BLUE Twitter Embermaw Hellion RED Le Monde Gaea’s Revenge GREEN Twitter Goblin Glory Chaser RED Twitter Graveblade M...

article - SERIOUS FUN June 30, 2015

Mana Ramp? Mana Overdrive!

by Bruce Richard

Mana is a tricky thing. When do you have enough? Is there ever too much? The answers to these questions depend on the deck you're playing, but more and more, I'm finding the answer to my question i...

article - DAILY DECK June 30, 2015

Mons Johnson's Goblin Raider Circus

by Melissa DeTora

Today's deck belongs to Mons Johnson, the head designer of Duel Masters in R&D. While Mons mainly works on Duel Masters, he lends a hand to Magic R&D quite a bit. Mons loves Goblins. He lov...

article - ARCANA June 30, 2015

July through September FNM Promo Update

by Blake Rasmussen

After two months of Modern staples as Friday Night Magic promos, September returns us to the world of Standard with a new promo from Dragons of Tarkir. First, let's start with those two major Moder...

article - MY FAVORITE FLAVOR June 30, 2015

Talent of the Telepath

by Chas Andres

What would you do if you were a telepath? Being able to read minds and psychically influence people sounds fun, but it's not a power I'd want to have. It would be too tempting to use telepathy in ...

article - RECONSTRUCTED June 30, 2015

Let's Make a Deal

by Gavin Verhey

Demons love to make deals. Some bargain for your soul; others draw up a contract for your mind. Even more will barter for your blood. If there's a favorable agreement that can be etched, a demon w...

article - FEATURED ARTICLE June 30, 2015

Standard Super League Finals and the Return of Vintage

by Randy Buehler

Not sure what Standard Super League is? It’s an online competition between Magic celebrities with matches played on Magic Online and commentary provided by a pair of Hall of Fame pros. Learn more h...

article - Daily Deck June 29, 2015

Grand Prix Singapore Winning Decklist

by Event Coverage Staff

Congratulations to Hitomi Masaaki, who won this weekend's Grand Prix Singapore with his Affinity deck. ...

article - MAKING MAGIC June 29, 2015

The Species of Origins, Part 2

by Mark Rosewater

Welcome to Magic Origins Preview Week 2. Last week I began telling you the story of the design of Magic Origins. I left things in a bit of a cliffhanger, so I figure I'll pick up where I left off a...

article - NEWS June 29, 2015

Changes Starting with Pro Tour Magic Origins

by Helene Bergeot

After careful discussion with and testing by Magic R&D, and after considering feedback from the Magic community, today we present a new mulligan rule, explain the reasons for the change, and an...

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