article - CARD IMAGE GALLERY July 3, 2015

Magic Origins

by Wizards of the Coast

Card Name Color Outlet Artificer’s Epiphany BLUE Limited Information Bonded Construct ARTIFACT GatheringMagic Chief of the Foundry ARTIFACT Limited Information Erebo...

article - PERILOUS RESEARCH July 2, 2015

Foundry of the Consuls

by Jacob Van Lunen

Welcome to the second week of Magic Origins previews here on Today's preview card is an exciting new tool that should reduce variance while encouraging players to play one or two colo...

article - COMMAND TOWER July 2, 2015

Bowed. Bent. Broken.

by Adam Styborski

Today is—at least to my memory—the first time I've written an article that's published on my birthday and brings an amazing new card to show off. My birthdays are usually quiet affairs with friends...

article - TOP 25 July 2, 2015

July 2, 2015

by Wizards of the Coast

We're into July, and it's time for our latest look at the Magic Top 25 Pro Rankings. What's the significance of July? We're into the last month of the season, and that means the rankings coming clo...

article - DAILY DECK July 2, 2015

Glen Jones's Enchantress

by Melissa DeTora

Today's deck is from one of my favorite Constructed formats, from a time when the original Alpha dual lands were legal in the format—Extended. Powerful combo decks like Illusions-Donate, Full Engli...

article - ARCANA July 2, 2015

Commonly Good Reprints

by Blake Rasmussen

As the final core set, Magic Origins has a fair number of reprints re-energizing Standard. Just last Friday Sam Stoddard re-introduced us to Goblin Piledriver. And while not all reprints can be tha...

article - NEWS July 1, 2015

Arena of the Planeswalkers—The Battle Begins Now

by Blake Rasmussen

For months we've been teasing out bits of information about Arena of the Planeswalkers, the Magic: The Gathering strategy board game featuring the likes of Gideon, Jace, Liliana, Chandra, and Niss...

article - ARCANA July 1, 2015

Tokens of Origins

by Blake Rasmussen

Like the rest of Magic Origins, the tokens that you'll find in booster packs take us around the Multiverse. You'll get to see a valiant Knight of Ravnica, an Elf straight out of Lorwyn, and a Demon...

article - LIMITED INFORMATION July 1, 2015

Origin of Synergy

by Marshall Sutcliffe

Last week we went in-depth on a cycle of cards that cared about having multiple copies of themselves in your Limited deck. It's kind of a strange way to phrase it, "cared." Cards are inanimate obje...

article - UNCHARTED REALMS July 1, 2015

Gideon’s Origin: Kytheon Iora of Akros

by Ari Levitch

Art by Chase Stone At night, the darkness of the prison was complete. It draped itself across the stone walls, and seeped into the prisoners’ ragged clothes, an inky stain that did not wash ...

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