article - CARD IMAGE GALLERY September 8, 2015

Battle for Zendikar

by Wizards of the Coast

Card Name Color Outlet Drowner of Hope BLUE Arcana   WHITE | BLUE | BLACK | RED | GREENMULTICOLORED | ARTIFACT | COLORLESS (NON-DEVOID) | LAND | ALL CARDS Blight Herder Break...

article - PERILOUS RESEARCH September 3, 2015

Evolving Modern

by Jacob Van Lunen

Welcome to Vorthos Week here at Perilous Research! This coming weekend, thousands of Magic players from around the world will be battling their way through Modern tournaments with hopes of qualifyi...

article - COMMAND TOWER September 3, 2015

Make Preparations for Landing

by Adam Styborski

The first set I had any advance knowledge of was Zendikar. The only thing I knew was that Lorthos, the Tidemaker was coming and that it was a sweet card. In the emerging days of Commander, when 60-...

article - ARCANA September 3, 2015

PAX Prime Retrospective

by Michael Yichao

PAX weekend is now behind us, and it was quite the epic event! Over the course of four days, we had a bevy of panels, crowned a World Champion (congrats again to Seth Manfield!), previewed tons o...

article - TOP 25 September 3, 2015

September 3, 2015

by Wizards of the Coast

Welcome back yet again to our weekly look at the Magic Top 25 Pro Rankings, and boy oh boy, have things changed. When a little thing we like to call the World Championship takes place, you can bet ...

article - DAILY DECK September 3, 2015

Standard Mono-White Devotion

by Melissa DeTora

There were a lot of interesting decks that came out of the Magic: The Gathering World Championships last weekend, but the deck that caught my attention the most was Sam Black's Mono-White Devotion....

article - ARCANA September 2, 2015

2015 Magic World Championship Photo Essay

by Chapman Sim and Craig Gibson

PAX Prime has closed its doors and the 2015 Magic: The Gathering World Championship is in the books. It's been an incredible adventure for a million reasons, and here are some of the highlights fro...

article - FEATURE September 2, 2015

A Conversation with Vorthos

by Matt Cavotta

Ten years ago, in my Taste the Magic column, the term "Vorthos" was first used in an article called "Snack Time with Vorthos." In recognition of the flavorful decade between then and now, Vorthos h...

article - DAILY DECK September 2, 2015

Legacy Merfolk

by Melissa DeTora

You don't often see tribal decks perform well in Eternal formats. Even tribes with the most synergy and strongest cards—such as Elves, Goblins, and Merfolk—are not tier 1 and are pretty easy to hat...

article - UNCHARTED REALMS September 2, 2015

The Believers' Pilgrimage

by Doug Beyer

Previous story: Nissa Revane – The Silent Cry Gideon Jura brought Jace Beleren to Zendikar in hopes that the mind mage could crack what the merfolk scholars of Sea Gate called the "puzzle of leyli...

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