article - FEATURE July 28, 2015

Inside R&D: Magic Origins—Kytheon

by Wizards of the Coast

Five Planeswalkers, five origin stories. Magic Origins chronicles the growth of five iconic Planeswalkers through the cards, and this edition of Inside R&D dives into the stories of the set, th...

article - RECONSTRUCTED July 28, 2015

I Live, I Die, I Live Again

by Gavin Verhey

Life. And Death. And more life. Such is the path of a necromancer. Liliana, Defiant Necromancer | Art by Karla Ortiz Welcome to Liliana Week! Today, we're going to take a look at a new d...

article - DAILY DECK July 28, 2015

Standard Big Red

by Melissa DeTora

By now, most of us have seen the Top 8 decks from the first weekend of Magic Origins Standard. While those decks are obviously very strong, I always like to take a look at the decks that didn't mak...

article - SERIOUS FUN July 28, 2015

Friends in Dark Places

by Bruce Richard

This article was co-written with help from Daryl Bockett. Have you met a player with a strong preference for a particular color? I personally try to play every color. I may lean slightly towards w...

article - MY FAVORITE FLAVOR July 28, 2015

Still Alive

by Chas Andres

Death has been a part of gaming since before I was born. Gygax and Arneson used death as a mechanic in the very first iteration of Dungeons & Dragons, and video game characters have been kickin...

article - ARCANA July 28, 2015

Art of Liliana: Healer to Necromancer

by Michael Yichao

Liliana, Defiant Necromancer | Art by Karla Ortiz Liliana is quite an old Planeswalker—in all senses of the word. She is centuries old and still going strong thanks to her pact with four demon...

article - DAILY DECK July 27, 2015

Standard White-Blue Artificer Control

by Melissa DeTora

Last weekend was the SCG Open in Chicago, the first premier Standard event where Magic Origins was legal for sanctioned play. I saw a lot of interesting decks while I was watching the coverage, but...

article - ARCANA July 27, 2015

Secrets of Liliana

by Michael Yichao

It's Liliana Week! Which means it's time for a quick quiz testing your knowledge of Magic Origins's oldest Planeswalker. How well do you know our favorite death-defying, death-dealing, deadly necro...

article - FEATURE July 27, 2015

Pro Tour Magic Origins Preview

by Rich Hagon

I'm very excited. Very. Christmas is awesome, but it's basically the same awesome every year. With Magic, the final Pro Tour of the season brings you a different awesome every time. Hence, I'm exci...

article - LEVEL ONE July 27, 2015

Attacking and Blocking

by Reid Duke

For the next few weeks, Reid is revisiting some of the key concepts of Magic, updated for Magic Origins. These concepts are so important to learning Magic that we wanted to reintroduce them to the ...

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