article - RECONSTRUCTED June 2, 2015

Magic and Me

by Gavin Verhey

Just a tad over 25 years ago on March 29th, 1990, at 7:47 PM, there was a baby boy born into this world in the suburbs of Seattle, Washington. After months of prior deliberation…upon delivery, his...

article - DAILY DECK June 2, 2015

Legacy Lands

by Melissa DeTora

When I first started playing Standard, one card that always intrigued me was Gamble. Demonic Tutor was banned in Standard and I couldn't get a Vampiric Tutor, so Gamble was the next best thing if I...

article - FEATURE June 2, 2015

Inside the Numbers: Modern Masters Weekend

by Wizards of the Coast

All the stats you didn’t know you wanted to know about Modern Masters Weekend.

article - SERIOUS FUN June 2, 2015

A Spark Ignites!

by Bruce Richard

When I hear about origin stories, I think about superheroes. Characters like Spiderman, Superman, and Batman. These characters have origin stories. These characters have their stories told with pic...

article - ARCANA June 2, 2015

Grand Prix Utrecht Photo Essay

by Olle Rade, Tobi Henke and Craig Gibson

Not all the stories at Grand Prix Utrecht could be told with words. So we asked (modern) master photographer Craig Gibson to sum up the event in 21 pictures. Here's his story of the weekend—from a ...

article - Daily Deck June 1, 2015

Modern Masters Weekend Winning Decklists

by Event Coverage Staff

Congratulations to our winners at Grand Prix Chiba, Utrecht, and Las Vegas. Take a look at their winning decklists below. ...

article - FEATURE June 1, 2015

The Many Funny Moments of Modern Masters Weekend

by Wizards of the Coast

There were many fun and enjoyable moments during Modern Masters Weekend, even outside the tournament. Here are a few.

article - FROM THE LAB June 1, 2015

A Long Story

by Mike Cannon

Hello, Labbies! Welcome to a very special edition of From the Lab. In honor of the upcoming set, Magic Origins, we here at DailyMTG are using this week to tell some of our own origin stories. I ...

article - LEVEL ONE June 1, 2015

The Metagame

by Reid Duke

Your tournament performance will be determined by more than just your skill in deck building and game play. In Magic, it's also important to predict what strategies your opponents will be using, an...

article - MAKING MAGIC June 1, 2015

The (Not So) Secret Origin of Maro

by Mark Rosewater

It's Magic Origins Story Week where all of us on the website are sharing our Magic origin stories with all of you. One small problem for me personally was I've already written my Magic origins stor...

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