article - TOP 25 August 27, 2015

August 27, 2015

by Wizards of the Coast

Welcome to our weekly look at the Magic Top 25 Pro Rankings. In some ways, this is a very "small" week. In other ways, it's just huge! But importance doesn't dependent on physical scale alone. In t...

article - ARCANA August 27, 2015

September through November FNM Promo Update

by Blake Rasmussen

The month is nearly over, so once again it's time to take a trip in our Friday Night Magic time machine and see what promos we have in store for the coming months. September We're far from done w...

article - DAILY DECK August 27, 2015

Standard Red-White Tokens

by Melissa DeTora

Purphoros, God of the Forge used to be a powerhouse in Standard, but hasn't really seen much play since the Mono-Red Devotion cards rotated out of Standard last year. Giorno211 from Magic Online us...

article - PERILOUS RESEARCH August 27, 2015

The Fab Five—Standard's New Tier One

by Jacob Van Lunen

Welcome back to Perilous Research, DailyMTG's exclusive Magic Online column. Standard with Magic Origins has produced some of the most exciting and powerful Standard decks we've ever seen. With wee...

article - COMMAND TOWER August 27, 2015

The Thrill of Victory

by Adam Styborski

There are many facets of Commander I find elusive: a deck that "just works" from the start when it's put together; the right mix of mana sources to ensure every spell can be cast when I want it; th...

article - ARCANA August 26, 2015

Announcing Magic: The Gathering—Puzzle Quest

by Wizards of the Coast

Magic: The Gathering—Puzzle Quest blends the hypnotic match-three puzzle elements of the popular Puzzle Quest franchise with the strategic gameplay and expansive lore of the groundbreaking Magic:...

article - WALLPAPER August 26, 2015

Day's Undoing

by Wizards of the Coast

Bring digital versions of Magic's best artwork home with quality, high-resolution images uploaded weekly to use as the wallpaper or background for your computer, tablet, or phone.

article - DAILY DECK August 26, 2015

Modern Jeskai Ascendency Combo

by Melissa DeTora

We've seen lots of different builds of Jeskai Ascendancy across all formats, and for the most part they all look very similar. They play a creature that can gain haste, like Fatestitcher or Wind Ze...

article - LIMITED INFORMATION August 26, 2015

Mulligan Factors

by Marshall Sutcliffe

Making mulligan decisions is one of the hardest skills to learn in Magic. The reason is pretty simple: It's not really possible for you to know if you are correct or not. At least not without a TTS...

article - FEATURE August 26, 2015

Player Experience Sphere

by David Lyford-Smith

Hello and welcome! My name's David Lyford-Smith, although most know me as simply DLS. I've been a Magic player for about fifteen years and a judge for about half that. It's my pleasure to be talkin...

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