article - THE WEEK THAT WAS April 17, 2015

Pro Tour Dragon Fodder and Hatchlings

by Brian David-Marshall

Dragon Fodder Takes down Dragons Dragon Hatchlings and Virtual Top 8s Kyle BoggemesCraig WescoeJosh Utter-LeytonPaulo Vitor Damo da RosaSam BlackBrad NelsonAndrea MengucciSeth Manfield Looki...

article - TOP DECKS April 17, 2015

Reign of Silumgar

by Luis Scott-Vargas

Pro Tour Dragons of Tarkir lived up to its name. Almost every deck in the Top 8 had Dragons (or in the case of the winner, followed Atarka's Commands faithfully), and the breakout deck of the Pro T...

article - DAILY DECK April 17, 2015

Craig Wescoe's Ojutai Bant

by Melissa DeTora

Bant has always been my favorite shard, so I was pretty excited to hear that Craig Wescoe was playing a Bant deck at Pro Tour Dragons of Tarkir. I like Bant because the color combination just does ...

article - VIEWING GUIDE April 17, 2015

Krakow and More

by Mike Rosenberg

Magic Twitch Channel Saturday, April 18 4 a.m. PT/7 a.m. ET—Grand Prix Krakow Day One Sunday April 19 12 a.m. PT /3 a.m. ET—Grand Prix Krakow Day Two Tuesday, April 21 6 p.m. PT/9 p.m. ET...

article - LATEST DEVELOPMENTS April 17, 2015

Creating Commands

by Sam Stoddard

Atarka's Command | Art by Chris Rahn One of the things we try to do with each set is to make sure it has a ton of cards for people of all types. Dragons are, as a whole, not the spikiest cards w...

article - COMMAND TOWER April 16, 2015

Temples of the Hidden Legends

by Adam Styborski

Commander has a name for one reason: It's all about the commander. Crown of Convergence | Art by Jen Page Choosing a commander is often a pivotal moment for decks, defining the colors, th...

article - ARCANA April 16, 2015

Inside R&D: Dragons of Tarkir

by Wizards of the Coast

If you missed these videos shown during Pro Tour Dragons of Tarkir, then you missed one of the most interesting looks inside the minds of how R&D thinks. This three-part series takes you throug...

article - TOP 25 April 16, 2015

April 16, 2015

by Wizards of the Coast

We have a new No. 1 at the home of the Magic Top 25 Pro Rankings, and that new No. 1 is Eric Froehlich. Although he didn't quite make it to the Top 8 of Pro Tour Dragons of Tarkir, his excellent fi...

article - PERILOUS RESEARCH April 16, 2015

Standard at Pro Tour Dragons of Tarkir

by Jacob Van Lunen

Welcome back to Perilous Research,'s exclusive Magic Online column. Last weekend, the greatest Magic players in the world convened in Belgium for Pro Tour Dragons of Tarkir. Going forw...

article - DAILY DECK April 16, 2015

RJHendricks's Assault Formation

by Melissa DeTora

I've always considered myself a Spike. I try to build competitive decks that give me an edge over my opponents. However, since I started working at Wizards I noticed that my playstyle has begun to ...

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