article - COMMAND TOWER January 29, 2015

Feeling This

by Adam Styborski

New cards are among the greatest things in Magic. Each set is packed with new ideas to try and themes to explore, and while Draft and Standard get the lion's share of attention I find it's Commande...

article - PERILOUS RESEARCH January 29, 2015

Modern's Genesis

by Jacob Van Lunen

Welcome to Time Travel Week here at Perilous Research,'s exclusive Magic Online column. We're just hours away from the beginning of Fate Reforged Prerelease events on Magic Online! And...

article - TOP 25 January 29, 2015

January 29, 2015

by Wizards of the Coast

Welcome to another look at the Magic Top 25 Pro Rankings. This is the second week running without any premier events, and that has given our ranked players—and more than 400 others—the chance to fu...

article - ARCANA January 29, 2015


by Blake Rasmussen

Over the weekend, a cool hashtag emerged asking players for four Magic cards that define them in some way—their origins, their favorites, their successes, and whatever else was important to them. #...

article - DAILY DECK January 29, 2015

Amulet Blood at GP Omaha

by Shuhei Nakamura

You have gone turn-one Gemstone Mine into Amulet of Vigor, and just played a land to cast Summer Bloom the second turn. Simic Growth Chamber and Primeval Titan are your only cards in-hand. What ...

article - LIMITED INFORMATION January 28, 2015

A Limited Trip Through Time

by Marshall Sutcliffe

What would it be like to go back in time and play Limited? Normally, when we think about time travel, we think of going way back in time. Or way forward. I've always been partial to going way ba...

article - ARCANA January 28, 2015

Crossroads of Fate

by Blake Rasmussen

No single card exemplifies the crux of the story in Fate Reforged, the reason Sarkhan Vol traveled through time, more than this truly epic spell: It is, without a doubt, one of the most stor...

article - DAILY DECK January 28, 2015

Affinity at GP Omaha

by Shuhei Nakamura

The king of Modern beatdown is Zoo. However, there is another beatdown deck that has existed since the beginning of the Modern format. That is Affinity, Brett Johnston's deck at GP Omaha. You...

article - WALLPAPER January 28, 2015

Alesha, Who Smiles at Death

by Wizards of the Coast

Bring digital versions of Magic’s best artwork home with quality, high-resolution images uploaded weekly to use as the wallpaper or background for your computer, tablet, or phone.

article - UNCHARTED REALMS January 28, 2015

The Truth of Names

by James Wyatt

Additional story contributions by Matt Knicl and Allison Medwin. The young khan of the Mardu sat poised at the front of her horde, perfectly still despite her horse shifting nervously beneath ...

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