article - Daily Deck July 6, 2015

Grand Prix Lille Winning Decklist

by Event Coverage Staff

Congratulations to Claudio Bonanni, who won this weekend's Grand Prix Lille with his Miracles deck. Claud...

article - LEVEL ONE July 6, 2015

The Basics of Mana

by Reid Duke

For the next few weeks, Reid is revisiting some of the key concepts of Magic, updated for Magic Origins. These concepts are so important to learning Magic that we wanted to reintroduce them to the ...

article - ARCANA July 6, 2015

Holiday Cube Returns

by Blake Rasmussen

With the entire Magic Origins set now available for your perusal, but Prereleases not happening till this weekend—and release events yet another week away—I can't blame you for being a bit twitchy ...

article - MAKING MAGIC July 6, 2015

Seven Hundred and Counting

by Mark Rosewater

Five weeks ago was my seven-hundredth week of writing "Making Magic" (having started back in January of 2002). Every hundred weeks, I have a column where I look back at all hundred weeks and grade ...

article - Feature July 6, 2015

Magic Origins Prerelease Primer

by Gavin Verhey

Every hero has their beginning. For a Planeswalker, there's a moment when your spark ignites. When, upon encountering a particularly traumatic event, you learn to walk between worlds and unlock po...

article - LATEST DEVELOPMENTS July 3, 2015

Developing Origins

by Sam Stoddard

Welcome to the second week of Magic Origins previews! I don't actually have a card for you today, but fret not, because you can look at the entire Card Image Gallery here. Instead, I'm going to ta...

article - FEATURE July 3, 2015

Happy (Almost) Fourth of July!

by Blake Rasmussen

Here in the United States, tomorrow is the Fourth of July—also known as Independence Day. It's the day we eat hot dogs, shoot off fireworks, and celebrate our nation's birth. If you don't live in t...

article - CARD IMAGE GALLERY July 3, 2015

Magic Origins

by Wizards of the Coast

WHITE | BLUE | BLACK | RED | GREENMULTICOLORED | ARTIFACT | LAND | ALL CARDS Akroan Jailer Ampryn Tactician Anointer of Champions Archangel of Tithes Auramancer Aven Battle Prie...

article - PERILOUS RESEARCH July 2, 2015

Foundry of the Consuls

by Jacob Van Lunen

Welcome to the second week of Magic Origins previews here on Today's preview card is an exciting new tool that should reduce variance while encouraging players to play one or two colo...

article - COMMAND TOWER July 2, 2015

Bowed. Bent. Broken.

by Adam Styborski

Today is—at least to my memory—the first time I've written an article that's published on my birthday and brings an amazing new card to show off. My birthdays are usually quiet affairs with friends...

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