article - Somewhat Charted Realms April 1, 2015

The Maros

by Mark Tiberius Rosewater

The Maro studied himself intently in the mirror. He wore the same flannel shirt, the same shoes, and the same superhero-themed T-shirt. He looked much the same as he always had. And yet, like every...

article - DISORGANIZED PLAY April 1, 2015

The Un-Pro Tour!

by Mark Rosenbergwater

Almost every day since the last Un-set was released, I've been asked when the next one will become a reality. "When is a new Un-set coming out?" "When are we going to see a follow-up to Unhinged?" ...

article - REALLY LIMITED INFORMATION April 1, 2015

Rose-Colored Glasses, Part 1 of 4

by Markshall Rosewater

This week on Really Limited Information we are going to cover a bevy of topics, the first of which is what it means to be a Nuts and Bolts Spike. Remembering back to the wildly popular and exper...

article - ARCANA April 1, 2015

Announcing Drive to Work: The Box Set

by Marcus Rosewaterus

Appreciate one of the great geniuses of our time on his time during drive time with the box set release of Drive to Work, the podcast for the Magic designer in all of us. The perfect gift fo...

article - WALLPAPER April 1, 2015

Look at Me, I'm the DCI

by Mark Rosewater

Bring digital versions of Magic’s best artwork home with quality, high-resolution images uploaded weekly to use as the wallpaper or background for your computer, tablet, or phone.

article - RECONSTRUCTED March 31, 2015

Executing on Zombies

by Gavin Verhey

It's a dragon-eat-everything world out there on Tarkir right now. And although there are certainly plenty of dragons running around, plenty of other tasty morsels are out and about on Tarkir. Th...

article - SERIOUS FUN March 31, 2015

Younger Dragons: Dragons of Tarkir Prerelease

by Bruce Richard

My regular readers know that I run tournaments for the local players. We get together at our local community library (the store that sponsors the tournaments is far too small) and take it over for ...

article - ARCANA March 31, 2015

Tempest Pre-mastered

by Blake Rasmussen

As we showed off yesterday, Tempest Remastered is a whole new twist on an old, old set. It looks and feels more like a modern draft environment than what Tempest, Stronghold, and Exodus, could have...

article - DAILY DECK March 31, 2015

Jesse Parnell's belcher at Legacy: Worcester

by Shuhei Nakamura

The second of this week's fun-to-goldfish decks is the opposite of yesterday's deck in that it's super simple. Basically, you can tell whether you can go off by just looking at your opening hand, a...

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