article - WALLPAPER November 26, 2014

Sultai Ascendancy

by Wizards of the Coast

Bring digital versions of Magic’s best artwork home with quality, high-resolution images uploaded weekly to use as the wallpaper or background for your computer, tablet, or phone.

article - ARCANA November 26, 2014

Top 8 Pilgrims

by Blake Rasmussen

Tomorrow is a pretty special day here in the United States. Thanksgiving is a national day of, um, thanks, where families and friends gather together to eat, drink, and be merry, all thanks to a...

article - ORGANIZED PLAY November 26, 2014

Two GPs and One Big Week

by Mike Rosenberg

The month of November sure has flown by, and the non-stop Magic isn't slowing down for the next couple of weeks. While aspiring Pro Tour competitors have both Pro Tour Dragons of Tarkir Qualifiers...

article - LIMITED INFORMATION November 26, 2014

Tale of Two Top 8s

by Marshall Sutcliffe

Welcome to Top 8 Week here on Limited Information!...

article - DAILY DECK November 26, 2014

Angel Pod at GP Madrid

by Shuhei Nakamura

While it was overwhelmed in the news by the 4,000-player Grand Prix New Jersey held the same weekend, Grand Prix Madrid was no slouch with 1,900 players participating—1,900 players!...