article - CARD IMAGE GALLERY March 4, 2015

Dragons of Tarkir Card Image Gallery

by Wizards of the Coast

Card Name Color Outlet Aerie Bowmasters GREEN Mechanics Dragon Tempest RED From the Lab Dragonlord Silumgar MULTICOLORED Design Feature Ojutai’s Summons BLUE M...

article - DAILY DECK March 3, 2015

Elves at Big Magic Open—Legacy

by Shuhei Nakamura

Once upon a time, there was an outrageous Pro Tour in which six people out of the Top 8 were all piloting the same archetype. It wasn't Affinity and it wasn't Academy. The deck was Elves. It ...

article - ARCANA March 3, 2015

Dragons of Tarkir Intro Packs

by Blake Rasmussen

Hey, have you guys heard that there might be some Dragons in Dragons of Tarkir? There will be. I can confirm that here. True story. But you all might really not get the scope of how many Dragons...

article - SERIOUS FUN March 3, 2015

The Shaman Whose Ways Will Never be Forgotten

by Bruce Richard

Anyone who's been playing Magic for more than a couple years knows the power of Birds of Paradise. A single green mana gets you a creature that can tap for a mana of any color. It can even act as a...

article - RECONSTRUCTED March 3, 2015

Your Wish is Ojutai's Command

by Gavin Verhey

Usually the question with preview cards is: "What kind of deck does this go into?" You have to figure out where the card fits, what kind of deck wants its effect, how strong it is, and so on. Bu...

article - DAILY DECK March 2, 2015

Storm at SCG Invitational Challenge

by Shuhei Nakamura

The other day, I had a chance to participate in a Legacy event in Osaka. I was pleasantly surprised by how many people there were. What's more, I hear Grand Prix Kyoto, Japan's first Legacy Grand P...

article - ARCANA March 2, 2015

Dragons of Tarkir Packaging

by Blake Rasmussen

I love releasing the booster pack packaging images early in the preview cycle, because they lead to so much fun, wild speculation about just what those images mean. Is that a new mythic rare? A com...

article - LEVEL ONE March 2, 2015


by Reid Duke

Magic can be a fast and brutal game. Typically, you want your cards to have as big an impact on the game as early as they possibly can. However, some of the game's most powerful cards involve inves...

article - FROM THE LAB March 2, 2015

It's Raining Dragons

by Mike Cannon

Art by Willian Murai Welcome, laboratorians! It is a very special day here on DailyMTG. Today we're kicking off previews for Dragons of Tarkir, and I've got a card that's sure to find its way ...

article - FEATURE March 2, 2015

It's About Time

by Mark Gottlieb

Change is good. Six years ago, Magic R&D initiated a new suite of design and development guidelines crafted to make the game more streamlined and more accessible. It was called New World Or...

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