article - DAILY DECK July 27, 2015

Standard White-Blue Artificer Control

by Melissa DeTora

Last weekend was the SCG Open in Chicago, the first premier Standard event where Magic Origins was legal for sanctioned play. I saw a lot of interesting decks while I was watching the coverage, but...

article - ARCANA July 27, 2015

Secrets of Liliana

by Michael Yichao

It's Liliana Week! Which means it's time for a quick quiz testing your knowledge of Magic Origins's oldest Planeswalker. How well do you know our favorite death-defying, death-dealing, deadly necro...

article - FEATURE July 27, 2015

Pro Tour Magic Origins Preview

by Rich Hagon

I'm very excited. Very. Christmas is awesome, but it's basically the same awesome every year. With Magic, the final Pro Tour of the season brings you a different awesome every time. Hence, I'm exci...

article - LEVEL ONE July 27, 2015

Attacking and Blocking

by Reid Duke

For the next few weeks, Reid is revisiting some of the key concepts of Magic, updated for Magic Origins. These concepts are so important to learning Magic that we wanted to reintroduce them to the ...

article - MAKING MAGIC July 27, 2015

In the Black Revisited

by Mark Rosewater

For the next five weeks, I am revisiting five articles about color philosophy that I wrote thirteen years ago. Two weeks ago, I talked about white ("The Great White Way Revisited") and last week I ...

article - FEATURED ARTICLE July 27, 2015

Original Intent

by Alli Medwin

Hey everyone! Alli Medwin here, the editor for this here Magic Online game. As ever, with the release of a new set, I'm going to share the scoop on what's going on behind the scenes. I'll be review...

article - THE WEEK THAT WAS July 24, 2015

Pro Tour Magic Origins Coverage Roundtable

by Brian David-Marshall

The 2014-15 Pro Tour season is coming to an end. And what a season it has been. The season started in Hawaii with the well-deserved induction of Makihito Mihara, Guillaume Wafo-Tapa, and Paul Ri...

article - TOP DECKS July 24, 2015

Harbingers of Modern Origins

by Luis Scott-Vargas

Whenever a new set comes out, I always look to see how it will change Eternal formats—Modern specifically. The last set to really throw the format into upheaval was Khans of Tarkir, thanks to a pai...

article - DAILY DECK July 24, 2015

Casual Green-Blue Faeries

by Melissa DeTora

With Magic Origins on everyone's mind, it's only appropriate to provide you with one more R&D origin story deck. Today's deck belongs to Magic Designer Jackie Lee. Jackie has been at Wizards fo...

article - LATEST DEVELOPMENTS July 24, 2015

The M Files: Magic Origins, Part 1

by Sam Stoddard

It's time once again to return to the M Files! Frequent readers of this column will know that Multiverse is our internal database used to track Magic cards already printed, early in design, and...

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