Fire and Ice, Godo Style

Posted in Card Preview on July 23, 2020

By Blake Rasmussen

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Double Masters is the unique Draft format where, sometimes, your two-card combinations show up in the same pack, and you just draft them both. This makes for some interesting combinations you can crack and immediately place into your pile. Today's combination is going to be rare, sure, but if it does happen—well . . .

Sword of Fire and IceGodo, Bandit Warlord

Whether you crack them in the same pack or separate ones, you'll never, ever, ever want leave them apart. I mean, Sword of Fire and Ice is always going to make your deck anyway—it's just that absurdly good—but if you are in red and have access to Godo, it really only takes one turn of attacking twice to effectively put the game away.

Now, both pieces use art from previously released sets, but the full-bleed version of Sword of Fire and Ice comes with a way to win with even more style—updated art from Dan Dos Santos:

Fire favorites Sword of Fire and Ice

Sword of Fire and Ice Art
Sword of Fire and Ice | Art by: Dan Dos Santos

Now that's winning with style.

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