The Tokens of Commander Legends

Posted in Card Preview on November 4, 2020

By Kendall Pepple

A set like Commander Legends isn't complete without an array of vibrant tokens to fill the board and send swinging into battle. This time around, you can find different tokens in boosters and Commander Decks, including foil double-sided tokens in Collector Boosters, all masterfully made. And all printed with the same beautiful full art you've come to expect from our tokens.

If you haven't seen the cards that create the 23 tokens from Commander Legends, head over to the Card Image Gallery and Variant Card Image Gallery to check them out for yourself.

And now, we fondly present the full-art tokens of Commander Legends!

Booster Tokens


Salamander WarriorThrullZombie

DragonElf WarriorGolem


CopyThe Monarch

Commander Deck Tokens


Beast (3/3)Beast (4/4)Elephant


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