The Tokens of Modern Horizons 2

Posted in Card Preview on June 3, 2021

By Clayton Kroh

Clay is a content strategist, writer, and editor. He's a content editor and writer for DailyMTG, and has contributed creative work for Magic: The Gathering sets. On the side, he writes science fiction, fantasy, and horror.

Your Modern games are about to get an injection of power and complexity, as well as a whole lot of stunning art and card treatments. Modern Horizons 2 arrives on June 18, and along with its host of potent spells, you'll find 21 full-art tokens in Draft and Set Boosters. Reach for the Collector Boosters if you want to add double-sided traditional foil tokens to your collection!

Pore over the Modern Horizons 2 Card Image Gallery and Variant Card Image Gallery to see which cards will swell your token armies—you're going to have some serious new power at your fingertips in Modern, so start strategizing!

Modern Horizons 2 Bird tokenModern Horizons 2 Crab tokenModern Horizons 2 Phyrexian Germ token

Modern Horizons 2 Timeless Dragon tokenModern Horizons 2 Timeless Witness tokenModern Horizons 2 Zombie token

Modern Horizons 2 Zombie Army tokenModern Horizons 2 Goblin tokenModern Horizons 2 Beast token

Modern Horizons 2 Elemental tokenModern Horizons 2 Squirrel tokenModern Horizons 2 Golem token

Modern Horizons 2 Insect tokenModern Horizons 2 Clue 1 tokenModern Horizons 2 Clue 2 token

Modern Horizons 2 Construct tokenModern Horizons 2 Food 1 tokenModern Horizons 2 Food 2 token

Modern Horizons 2 Thopter tokenModern Horizons 2 Treasure 1 tokenModern Horizons 2 Treasure 2 token

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