Magic Extra Life 2019

Posted in News on October 3, 2019

By Wizards of the Coast

Since this article first ran, Magic Extra Life has already raised over $50,000 for Seattle Children’s Hospital—and we’re just getting started! Our campaign is in full swing and there are tons of ways to get involved.​

We’re raising funds through a dedicated product, a creator campaign, Extra Life streams, and auctions for uncut sheets. Join us and help support children in need!

Wizards of the Coast is once again raising funds for Extra Life, benefitting Seattle Children's Hospital—and you can help!

This year our goal is to raise more than ever before through a dedicated product, a creator campaign, Extra Life streams, and auctions for uncut sheets. Join us and help support children in need!

Ponies: The Galloping

Introducing Ponies: The Galloping! Three silver-bordered Magic cards (one double-sided!) featuring some of our favorite My Little Pony characters.

Look how cute they are:

The Ponies: The Galloping card set will be sold on Oct. 22–Nov. 5 and will cost $50. Wizards of the Coast will donate thirty dollars ($30.00) to Extra Life benefiting Seattle Children's Hospital for each copy of Ponies: The Galloping trading card set it sells.

Ponies: The Galloping Playmats

Now, friendship really is Magic with our limited edition My Little Pony Magic: The Gathering playmat bundle by Ultra PRO.

Enchant your friends, rivals, and opponents with this playmat set featuring Princess Luna, Rarity, and Twilight Sparkle! Ready to bring on the night? Flip the Princess Luna double-sided playmat to reveal the Mare in the Moon herself, Nightmare Moon!

  • Bundle includes 3 playmats (2 single-sided playmats and 1 double-sided playmat)
  • Protects gaming cards during gameplay
  • Also great for use with laptop and computer workstations—works with most types of mouse devices
  • Approximately 24'' tall x 13.5'' wide
  • Nonslip rubber backing prevents movement during use

Ponies: The Galloping playmat set will be sold on Oct. 22–Nov. 5 and will cost $100 for the set of three playmats. Wizards of the Coast will donate eighty dollars ($80.00) per sale to Extra Life benefiting Seattle Children's Hospital.

Uncut Sheet Auctions

Through eBay for Charity at, we'll be auctioning off more than 20 uncut sheets between October 23 and November 2 at 11 p.m. PT. Among the sheets, we'll have a foil New Phyrexia rare/mythic rare sheet and a foil Throne of Eldraine alternate-art and Showcase card sheet.

Streaming Events

We'll have two in-house streams on to raise money for Extra Life:

October 28–November 1, 9 a.m.–12 p.m. PT

  • Employees take over the Wizards stream to play MTG Arena, MTGO, and generally goof around in the pursuit of charity.

Nov. 2, 4 p.m.–12 a.m. PT

  • Our Game Day stream will feature multiple influencers playing Magic: The Gathering Arena and competing in "special" challenges. You'll just have to tune in . . .

Creator Campaign

Finally, we're holding something of a competition among streamers to raise the most for Extra Life. Interested streamers can create Extra Life pages and join the Magic super team—competing either alone or in teams of up to six. The Top 8 teams will get access to codes for their audience, featuring an early-access premium card style for Inspiring Veteran.

Everything Else

There are even more ways to participate coming as well.

  • 4 My Little Pony and 1 Extra Life logo sleeves on MTG Arena with the proceeds (less transaction fees) donated to Extra Life, benefiting Seattle Children's Hospital.

  • Extra Life playmats, shirts, pins, and stickers sold through the MTG Pro Shop.

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